How To: Cheat with a blank piece of paper

Cheat with a blank piece of paper

Household Hacker brings you fun hack how to projects in a variety of areas: electronic hacks, computer hacks, pranks, etc. Search Household Hacker on WonderHowTo for more videos by this creator. In this video, learn how to cheat with a blank piece of paper.

In this video Household Hacker teaches you to craft a trick "blank" piece of paper to store all your notes and formulas you will need during an exam. You can prepare this the night before, and it is completely undetectable. Remember to erase afterward!

Music: By scottaltham

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if your going to take the notes why not just study them?


my teacher knows this trick and most of the others....he gives us paper

haha , i've done this trick in math, and learned it from here, thank you

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