How To: Pick a Brinks number lock easily and quickly

Pick a Brinks number lock easily and quickly

If you've forgotten your combination, or for some other reason want to get past a Brinks number lock, this tutorial shows you how to do it. All you need is a bobby pin. Slide the bobby pin down towards the lock wheels. Then spin the wheels slowly, from top to bottom. As you spin each wheel to the correct number, the bobby pin will slide down a little more. And once the bobby pin is all the way down, not only have you unlocked the lock, you've figured out the combination!

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That was great to know. When mine developed a "new" combination on its own on my locker at the gym, I did not know what to do. Now I will

Mine has only three wheels, and it DOES unlock and the combo is displayed on the front. But I wouldn't have this data to share had you not have posted....thanks.

Tried this and isn't working not sure what I am doing wrong.

My lock is closed on small metal box with 50.00 of my money. Lol I thought bolt cutter.. That would cost at least half of the money

Can u help please

not sure of the turning sequence of the 3wheell lock, same as above , only 3 wheels

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