How To: Hack a Pepsi Machine

Hack a Pepsi Machine

Learn how to con a vending Pepsi machine and access a secret (but benign) debug menu with this hack how-to video. While this hack won't get you any free soda, you might, at the very least, impress your friends with it. For complete instructions for this simple, pushbutton hack, take a look at this instructional video!

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i trie this trick and it didn't work out the way it should, but something was happening to the machine.


i think that means run?

that pretty much what i did or slowly walked away.

You broke the machine, you DumbAss! Get a life and stop being a vandil!

Get a life and learn some spelling, LA_style. vandil? Really? Vandal!

this is bull#$%@ yo. tried it. didnt do ne thing

I've seen this done, it brings the debug menu up. there IS a way to change the prices of individual drinks from there, buuuut.... find it for yourself. o.~

TELL ME ......................please

ever read the 10 commandments?

who gives a #$%@.
its corporations like pepsi and coke that take advantage of the public and pocket our tax dollars.
i say that everyone should try this out

how do they get out TAX dollars???

I mean, how do they get our TAX dollars

Corporations get HUGE tax cuts and since they don't pay as much taxes as they should the government increases the taxes of everyday joes like you and me...So they indirectly take money from use...on top of making huge margin from their product.... Capitalism

Thats not capitalism thats corporatism, w ehavent had true capatilism here in America since the early days since the 30's we have lived in corp socialism. Capitalism is what would let me and the other little guys make money.

they dont he's being dumb, taxes are on alot of products like clothing and many other products

what is that articles to the constiturion

Uh, you live in the US and don't know about the constitution? My favorite part is about how everyone must know how to spell the word C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N.

that is sad man, i love the constitution.

i wish the feds felt the same way... :x

i never tried this before but i think it is possible

I'll try it

#$%@in gey

and you just look soooo much better

erm, i wish we had those in SAn Antonio

Make a coke machine hack next have many of those at my school

the code is 1,3,2,4,1,3,1,2,3,4? to change the price of the machine

forget the ? after the 4 thas not really there thts the code

there is no such vending machine naer my place

haha must be nice :)

You Have to hit the service menu button on the inside of the machine to do anything useful, the only thing you can do from the outside is check the # of sales, I work for a vending company, I set up these machines everyday. ;)

so where do i look 4 da buton?!?!?!?!

probably in the inside of the vending machine, im sure they dont parade a big flashing buttong saying take our product and dont pay us

hahahahaha very funny i wuz askin BlueStreak_66!!! k?

#$%@in drill a small hole or with a nail and a hammer make a hole on a quarter, just don't leave any edges the quarter might get caught in the machine and then tie a string that wont bust easily to the quarter and go fishing and what I mean by that is stick the quarter into the machine until it marks and then pull it out and repeat it until it adds up to the amount of the drink. It worked about 19 years ago I'm pretty sure it'll still work because the way the machine works is it sizes the coin to figure its value and after it does that you just pull it back out. GHETTO MOD MOFO :D

They put razor blades in the coin slot now

idk but this #$%@ is wack just #$%@ing steal the whole machine take it home....enjoy your drinks putos..

damn if im high and want to drink then I will try that. Can you tell me when I get my tax return, how can i get more money without the IRS finding out.

forgot to tell you my email add Thanks again.

Yeah, tried this, only gets you into the menu, you can see how much of what product has been sold, how much money it has.

There is a machine in my laundry room that you can access the different sales amounts for the different products and reset them I've been fiddling with it for ages and that's all I've been able to get I doubt seriously you'd be able to change the prices from the outside. It's on of those assorted frozen things with the vacuum still though I doubt I'll believe it when I see it.

wow u all stupid and that is not fake!!!!!! but dont take the whole machine cuz its still bad!!!!!!!

dawm just go hold up the whole pepsi factory

gangsta gangsta!!!

okay ive read all of these comments,and most of them were retarded.this does work and you were probbaly high when you were watching it.""and trying it""

First thing's first... Maybe they WERE high, but what real effect would that have? I can operate just fine when I smoke... Secondly, I shouldn't even be responding to you, since you wrote this in June of '09... -Ghost out

well i still want to try this.

man this is gay i don't even get it dude

#$%@ pepsi corporations steal all the #$%@ you can from those mother#$%@es


what am i doing wrong? none of the videos from metacafe will play for me

standing at a pepsi machine clicking buttons aimlessly, I think people will start to look at me funny. Can't wait to try it!

oh @#$%* the cops run foo!!!!

stupid voice , idot beat. not one word understood .

I dont understand how to do this explain in idiot please

Disguise your voice. Like the FBI is going to come after you for this....retard.

do u think that metal wire and a quarter with a hole drilled in it will be just as effictive?

lol i remember this thing you can do it with the old machines which have little circle button next to the picture of drink

the drink is worth #$%@ if you think of what it does to your health...... and why flick that????

if you really want free drinks why dont you just wait at a gas station till delivery comes when nobodies looking after they unload grab a case and boom! twenty bottles right there then you go down to the skatepark and sell them for a dollar.

There is no way to change prices on any machine without accessing the inside of the machine. Sorry everyone. I work for Pepsico and fill these machines every day. I "WISH" there were an easier way to do it but unfortionally not.......

What is "debugging" supposed to do?

I work for pepsi and you can not get a free pop. End of story. Unless the machine is faulty but that usually means that it takes YOUR money.

Ya theres no way to get free pop fall out wit a code, although if a machine is screwed up like i encountered at my high school. Unplug the cord( if u can get to it) for 10 seconds plug back in and out falls a random pop that it feels like. If ur lucky and this works u culd get lucky again and have 4 pop out at the same time! but normally causes a jamm up in the hole like i had ;) lol this will work everytime untill of course the pop runs out and /or someone gets caught like my dumb ass school. ONLY happens with these pepsi vendos pictured up there^^ i believe.

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