How To: Hack a Soda Machine to Get a Drink and a Refund

Hack a Soda Machine to Get a Drink and a Refund

You'd like to treat your friend to a drink from the vending machine, but you only have enough cash for one soda. What do you do?

Learn this new Coke vending machine hack!

It only works on the newer style vending machines, which use a conveyer belt to deliver your drink to you. You'll be drinking refreshing and wonderful pop in no time with some extra change in your wallet (or another soda for that friend).

This video was originally created by Justin Hazen at his original article.

Go check out his site, JuStInHaZeN.CoM for more information on coke machine hacks! For detailed, step-by-step instructions on replicating this hack yourself, watch this vending machine hacking how-to.

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great job, pity i saw one of these just last night before watching this video, oh well, ill try it next time im in the airport

ima try it

we have one of those venders at the close. O-O XD

i am going to try it at school

this sucks - will eventually cause anywhere from $300 - $1000 damage for ur f**kin $1 soda.... ur douchebags

hey at least they arnt payin for it and neither am i!

Agree. I own machines to help pay bills and the people saying awesome are thieves, but would want you dead if you stole from them.

yo ima try it now it works

ill try it in my cousins store if he catches me oh well

well i have tried it in my break room and it did not work for me. =[

it works!

i learned that the first day i went to high school

just go to the stupid machine and press 432112311.. and the mother#$%@er and it will pop-out all the coins in it.. carefull no body must see you do this


Thats freakin awesome! How did you guys figure that out!?

and then i enable no cheat in the program then you loose!! and your moneys gone and didnt get s**t !!!!

Thieves stealing from people, like my family, who run the machines to help with finances. Hope there is a hell so you will burn.

All you guys who think this is cool... need to look at yourself in the mirror and admit that you are a piece of trash. As a machine owner...I would set you up with hidden, high pixel cameras with microphones... and prosecute you. I would ask the judge for restitution along the lines of the value of the machine...AND the security camera system you forced me to buy. After I win... I will say nothing for 3 to 5 years allowing my judgment to grow and collect 12% interest. THEN...when you don't expect will see a garnishment on your check each pay period for years. After all may not think stealing is cool.

I know stealing is wrong but you sound like an over-reactive piece of crap(sorry) who really just doesn't know when to stop,I mean really is a dollar worth that much too you,because if they just break the machine and steal everything,then you can do what you want to them.

you guys are so stupid 2 things you who wants them to die for steeling somthing that costs you 75cents why dont u look in the freekin mirro you cab not tell me you have never stole anything in ur life you self obsorbes pretecious pricks and the 2nd thing have you never heard of "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" or forgive and forget i get it steeling is a bad thing and it would be nice to get rid of it but it isnt gunna happen there will always be steeling i speek as a person who has stolen and a person who has be stolen from .the diffrence is that i have the self respect anf rrespect for others to admit it


If the machine is in an area that is remote, just slap a mask over your head and toss a concrete block through the glass.

Nevermind these sniveling whiners claiming "you are stealing money from my finances". If they didn't insure their property, they should suffer financial losses.

I don't want to get all the change back, I just want my change back or my soda and no one here seems to know who the responsibility lies with. I was told to call coca cola, please...I am not needing a drink later, I wanted it today, while I am stranded at my sisters apartment , no car and no groceries or drinks until she gets in tonight around 8...put all my change in and it acted as if it was giving me a drink and them ...nothing.....damn..the water at this complex sucks and were even out of bottled water...apartment lady is an ass...not trying to steal just get back what is mine ...damn

This is cool but only works for the coke machines with a belt to dispense pop. What do you do if the coke machine has a bottle holder attached to the belt to deliver the pop? Is there a way to hack these type of coke machines?

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