How To: Hack a Candy Machine with a Paper Coin

Hack a Candy Machine with a Paper Coin

Craving candy but have no change? Then listen closely to this hack. This con how-to video shows you how to hack a candy machine by creating fake quarters. This hack trick should also work on parking meters. Never pay for candy or meters again. Watch this video tutorial on YouTube and learn how to hack a candy machine with a paper coin or cardboard.

Image by theminatar/YouTube

For more detailed instructions on making fake coins, watch this video:

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How could this possibly work? The thickness must be card stock of the paper.

it is not work

Agree with WonderDude Mike.... This needs more explaination and a fixed camera to prevent them from inserting a coin when the camera is not in focus...

plus it takes way more time and effort than it is worth for the quarter you will save

Wow that is true. Actually true of most crime. If you would actually spend that time doing something valuable, you would make enough money to get anything you would want.



1. Wrap a penny in a small piece of paper until it is similar to a 20p piece.
Place it into the machine and it should work, If you Make it too thick and it wont go in, If you Make it too thin and the penny will slip right out.

2. Sellotape a 20p/Quarter and leave an inch of sellotape hanging off. Put the coin into the machine and tuck the inch of sellotape in a little. You can succesfully get 3 items or more, After that i would suggest tuck the sellotape back in. If you dont want to lose your coin dont do it more than 3 TIMES!

3. The ?1/$2.50 machines can easily be hacked with a coffee stirrer or a cotton bud. Simpy look for a little point in the right side of the coin slot, push the stirrer or bud in until it moves a little. Twist the handle while pushing it down and you will recive your item. You may also lose your bud or stirrer.

Whoo Whoo u great!!

haha thats kinda cool.

TRUST ME THIS WORKS, take a piece of bristol board or a piece of a candy box and fold it in half to make it thick enough, then rip it to roughly the size of a quarter and it will work. Sometimes you will be able to spin the dial a few times before it actually falls in.

You can't just use any piece of paper. It has to be thick, so you could wrap tape around it. The paper or cardboard or whatever must be roughly the size of a quarter and thick enough to push the two light metal mechanisms behind the plate in the front. So it CAN work, but not worth the effort. just pay a freaking quarter.

You're not supposed to have any quarters if you're gonna need to resort to doing this....

Don't the mechanisms work on a small current passing through the coin or something? plus it needs to be the exact dimensions and thickness and weight to operate the mechanism. I'm sure the designers of these machines would have realised that cheap skate americans would come up with a way of hacking the machine to get free stuff, they would build them so that it would not work. If this could seriously work then the vending machine operators would be out of profit. Stop being tight fisted and pay the few pence for your food!

last time i checked the machines aren't plugged into a wall

lol doomsdale is right, there arent any candy machines that need to be plugged in to work, maybe if it was one of those machines where you try to grab the candy (and epically FAIL[LAWLZ]) but whose gonna use those to get candy

pretty sure some of these devices may use electromagnets. therefore if a varying material was to be used this material would be rejected.

Why the frick would Cheap Chinese companies spend that much money on an electromagnet when then can just put a lever and weight on it?

I'm not getting nicked for a handful off sweeties, not worth the hassle, only for kids? Hmmmm

Looks like you allready got some sweeties
Mmmm Mmmm MMMmm topless tities!!

if your going to type the word, learn how to spell it. TITTIES, TITTY!

it could be possible.........

I'd just tape a quarter in the spot. Then it still counts but you can keep turning and still get candy because it's stuck there. XD

Simply purchase a craft hole punch from a Michaels and apply it either to bristol board or a deck of cards. Boosh, perfect fake quarter

or use a quarter. using paper is stealing silly. most of those candy machines benefit charities plus you could go to hell. immoral bastards!

Screw you titmunch i want some free skittles Im allready going to hell anyway.
"Hell is humongus the Devils among us!!!"
- Slipknot

titmunch? is that supposed to be a put down or something. I love tits! Say Hi to Saddam for me in HELL!

hey u shut up. if there was no crime, would any police officers be employed? You better dam bet it wont! THAT MEANS BILLIONS OF UNEMPLOYED LAW ENFORECEMENT OFFICERS. dude get used to crime cuz its never gonna end no matter what u do and if u cant get used to it, just kill urself right now cuz ur life aint worth living.

i just took a quarter traced it on an index card and put multiple cards under it and cut out the traced quarters to be roughly the size of one. tape them. VIOLA you have a fake quarter. Or you could just cough up a dam quarter for your gum.

all over a quarter

yea, but what if u dont have a quarter? Plus think about it, you could make a pocket full, and get alot, its not jsut a quarter now, now its like 20 lol, Xoe shut up ure all mad on that stop light one but ure agreeing with this one, go to hell


just put some friggin super glue on a quarter and put it in and wait a minute or two. Then drain the WHOLE MACHINE! If you're going to do it then do it all the way!

Neat...but most of these machines are owned by regular ol' shmoes like us. They're just trying to make an extra buck via a wonky joint partnership with the companies who own the machines and multiple investments (for the machines, the space, and the materials). They put in a lot of time, effort and money to keep their little "businesses" going.

I'd hate to think of, say, my neighbor going to check his candy machine business and only find an empty machine and a pile of paper bits...

wonky? wtf duz that mean?

yeah I tried this AND IT DIDN'T WORK


u idiot he showed u b4 he put the paper in and guess what? IT WAS EMPTY SMART ONE!!!!



This really does work. I did this at walmart in the gaming centre with all the candy/toy machines. You can do this by wrapping a penny in paper, you can also take thicker paper/cardstock or even thin cardboard and cut it out. It is a hell of a lot quicker than working for it, since it only takes seconds to make.

What kind of paper?

Also, why not find and then trace the outline of the required coin?

ha funny reading all ur comments

I agree killercube!

hahaha yea its funy to see how some people get pissed just cuz somone was creative enough to figure out a way to get a handful of free candy for free, and i like how apparently u can go to hell for it to hahaha, so some people think that taking a handful of candy is just as horrible as killing somone hahaha, some people are so stupid.... haha BIG #$%@IN DEAL U DAMN BIBLE THUMPERS, ITS #$%@IN CANDY, ur not gonna go to hell just cuz u wanted some freakin candy and found a way to get it free

dude i totally agree! no 1ns gonna go to hell just for violating one sin. you can always be forgiven. hell, drinking alcohol is considered a sin yet people don't complain and say the drinker will go to hell do they now? lol

Those are runts; not skittles, you #$%@ing dimwit.

y u no so much about candy fat a$$?

your a douche bag

lol zar is funny@

woot go zar lol you pwn :P

could u go to jail

Lol, stealing candy! Seems like it would work...


He made it so that it is big enough like a quarter to reach the other gear so you can turn the other other gear (the one that makes the candy fall), what I am saying is that when you put a quarter in, it doesnt drop to the bottom, it turn the Gear first so that the candy will fall down into a little hole.

I tried this about 10 years ago...still do it till' this day.

The Streeker's Right.Free CAndy RuLz

oh oh rant alert
no ones goin to hell for this, know why, no not because its not a big crime, because THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!! any1 who belives in god or hell is a weakling, u r just afraid to go through life without the answers and cant be bothered to find them for urselves so u resort to the one easiest thing which has one answer for everything, god. get a life u religious mongrels, it seems the human race is still stupid enough to belive there is a higher power, were all doomed

ok look thats your opinion, you know what some people need something to believe in, let it be

if its left that way the human race can never move foward, from you saying its an 'opinion' proves the human race is still weak enough to need something over then yourselff to belive in. its much more fun to find the answers to life than to have 'fake' answers handed to you on a plate.

how can we not move forward people have believed in gods since the begging of time and have we not moved forward since then? oh wait thats right we have people like you really need to just keep your mouth shut why does it really matter if someone believes in god and have fun in hell

id rather steal candy from babies

This does work, the candy machine only checks for diameter.

anyway you should just buy the candy, dont act like a chav

those arent skittles

#$%@ing thief

If you want free candy then go trick or treating, but why STEAL candy from somebody trying to make an honest profit by buying candy machines, buying candy for the machines, renting space, buying a car, buying gas, buying insurance, title, tags, registration, license, and spending time to service the route in the hope that if you would like some candy right now, you will trade a quarter for it, and maybe she will make a profit, after taxes, to pay her bills. Please, just think a while before you steal.

Oh, I forgot, she also has to pay to maintain the machines that get jammed with cardboard, and she's responsible for the missed sales due to the jammed machine and the people who didn't get to buy the candy cause the machines were jammed or empty because all the candy was stolen.

I haven't tried it, but i dont really think it'll work...

cool...i have'nt tried it like eyeliner said but maybe it will work

dam it didnt work. and i tried like 50 times!

now you glue it in the so it never comes out and empty the whole machine. see the look on people's faces when they see the machine completely empty

falcon raid god isnt sum super natural being hes a fire burning in our soul 2 endure the hardship of humamlife our world is suffering becoz ppl lik u who jst dnt giv a @#%^ well u shuld and i would steal candy its yummy

weak, weak, weak

A way better idea which works (seen it done many time at school) is to drill a hole in a loonie (canadian) or a quarter and put a string through it. Put your dollar in the machine, buy something, then take the dollar back out. You can also put it in, get change, then pull out. Get rich quick haha

It's about beating the system, not the candy. The candy is just a bonus ;D for the effort!

it works i use to do it when i was younger

Why dont you just superglue a string to a coin and make sure you spread the super glue so it would be flat. Hold onto the string and drop the coin in. Take your candy pull out your money and you got free candy. But make sure you push the slot open with a stirrer when you pull back the coin. Besides if my ideas not good its the best I could do because im only 9 years old. It works


Your all making this to difficult just superglue the quarter to the back of the spinning knob so it gives you candy every time you spin it i did this when i was 13 and i took half a machine of gobstoppers b 4 they noticed what i was doing

its a #$%@ing dam 20p/quarter its nothing and ur so #$%@ing bothered about it.


This could work with a couple pieces of paper stuck together, but I'm wondering if there is a way to insert a quarter, and move the nob back, and forth to get 5 gumb balls instead of 1 (lol, I bet half of the views of THAT video would be overweight americans!)

Ok,most people are getting upset over stealing candy like you will go to hell, if you think that,its just candy its doesn't matter yall acting like he killed someone,people like you overreact to little things like this and just use a quarter if it takes that much trouble (unless you want to do it for fun)

I seen an arcade attendant do a similar thing with a flexy cable/wire welded/soldered to a quarter. He just kept dipping it again and again until the proper credits were added.

just put a quarter on a string!!!

The trick I did always work. In the uk the 20p candy machines. Get a 1p and get some twigs,(small tree branch) that won't break easy. Needs to be thin. Pop in the 1p and twig next to it so it fills the missing gap. Them twist

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