How To: Get All the Change Out of Vending Machine

Get All the Change Out of Vending Machine

This instructional video will show you how to get all of the change out of a vending machine! Who needs Coke or Pepsi when you can have coins? Then, you can get all of the soda you want out of that vending machine.

NOTE: This only works on older machines, and can get you upwards of $15.00. Follow the step by step instructions in this video and learn how to hack and con a vending machine out of all the change it has.

Get all the change out of vending machine

Get all the change out of vending machine Click through to watch this video on AOL.

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If it really works..That is amazing.

it is great

He is just receiving his change from inserting dollar bills. The coke machines will allow you to receive the change only if you hold the change bar down. He was just pressing the buttons randomly.

it doesn't work i tried it

yeah interesting....

Holy smokes, thats amazing! Just gotta 'member the combination right.....

i did it but didnt work dose it have to ba a coke machine?

Dear Viewers,I have tried this and simply, it does not work, it may just be the vending machines I have used, but for me, this did not work and I must report this as a fake although if I do say so myself, amusing to watch.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

I don't think the maker put enough information here. For example, was the change from a dollar just put in or is this stealing from the machine? Is there a way to identify which model this can be used on? ect...

It is obviously a fake, you can see him start to put that change into the machine as he pans down to the change drop,thats just my 2 cents, may be wrong

I used to work for a vending company, and this is utter B.S. He put the money in the machine in advance, and when he hit the con return quickly, it didn't register. You have to hold it down to get your money back. So after putting in the fake code, he holds down the coin return switch, and then the money comes out.

well that's stupid because, if hi did that, then at the moment he pressed the combination, the soda would have come out insted of returning the money, because he pressed the buttons before the coin return
you should know that if you worked for a vending company

if you press something when the machine has credit (coins)

YOU GET IT idiot

not if there was no soda idiot LOL

that's true can you get warm diet , caffeine free , Aspartame laden, Broccoli Casserole soda this way . Smoked Salmon Pate flavor is a Big favorite too. The one with Malathion in it is an upcoming smash Hit , though it has been Linked to Lobster baby type Birth defects.

there were 16 quarters that dropped.....why would he put in 16 quarters. but in the beginning it does sound like someone is popping open a can, he may have put in a 5 dollar bill and gotten one first. then again he hits other buttons that show they arent empty so he would have gotten a couple or 3 more cans. say try it wth, worst scenario: u get busted. best scenario: you can go to the gas station across the street and buy a rubber from the vending machine in the bathroom then get a 40oz and go screw ur gf

well how did the can open itself. he is the one recording!

and we can se his other hand, so i dont think this is really fake, but ive seen other comments, and it seems to be real

dude that gnarly thanks

i tried it on a Pepsi machine tonight and nothing. Coke machine tomorrow night!

worked once...machine is out of order now. hmm...

If nothing else, your can con your friends into thinking that you know how to hack a vending machine by planting the money, etc.

amazing does it work in the uk?

I Tryed it and it works but only on older versions of coke machines. (//.O)

Lol, that's insane. Free money and coke haha.

i was at kenmore lanes and treid it on 2 machines. nothing happened

nice. hey are there any more for the new models?

you all love the cock expecially the person reading this....homo

suck my dickk!!!

you can see his opposite hand in the reflection
of the machine holding his camcorder.
so unless he was stealth enough to hold the
camera AND insert the coins AND press the
refund button then yes , this is a fake .
but i seriously doubt it .

also remember , that he said this only works
for old machines . and i havent seen any of those around
for a while . 432112311 !

dude, it only works in old machines.seriously, there no cheat

bunch of bull#$%@............

It works, I got $27.75

once i see and old machine im gonna try it

how many times did he hit the buttons??????

it does work i got $20.25 from it chicka pow!!

FAKE! the money was in there at the beginning. you need to hold the change button in a few seconds, and he didn´t do that when he tried to show that there was "no money in it"! Don´t believe him!

would it be stelling. please reply

wat do u think

thts bll#$%@

those old machines are long gone

it does work, certain machines as that is the default order and can be changed by the vendor, it is only that model dixie norco machine but all of them have similar codes and tricks

there are a few machines in the store i work at and they have a box at the very bottom that the money drops into, that you manually have to open the machine to get at. (just a box, no outlet or anything). not sure about other machines in other places, but i know it definitely would not work on the vending machines in my store.

If the Machines has a dollar bill thingy it will have a thing that looks like a coin counter on the inside of the door ( with nickles, dimes, and quarters) that would give you change back if you put more money in then was needed for a drink.. the money is not coming out the box it would have to be coming out of the change giver thing.

I tried it and it worked except chicken guts came out.

cant wait to try it

That's because you have no life.


thieveing is all this is the guy how owns the machine cant even afford to buy a new 1

im goin to try this.....looks prety awsome

does this break the machine if not awsome

does it break the machine???

lol. there was a vid like this a while back that there was a guy behind it that dropped the free soda/free change in as the guy was talking. all they had was the vending machine door. this looks fake to me too.


can it be repeated

Dude this is cool

I tride it on 2 different machines. It didn't work dick

I tried this and a freakin pissed off Ewok fell out! WTF am I going to do with a pissed off Ewok!

Ah, yes. The age-old pissed off Ewok question. If I had a dime for every time I heard it...

You might have .20 cents if you're lucky...

By the way... google Nix Creations if you want to make money by learning a new skill...

another way to get is pressing ,137,137,137,and press the coin returned 5 times you will get fre drinks i hope any comments sent to me

Huh, seems like it works

I'll try it out. :)

remember after doing the hacks u need to choose wat drinks u want

can this work on all drink vending machines????

didnt work for me and I had planned to spend the quarters in the arcade!

Does this code work in any vending machine in united states ? like Boston ma?

I have a hack for ya all its called ( How to hack a pepsi machine with a crowbar) All ya do is find a pepsi machine with no one around and beat the living soda out of it or pry the door off take the cash and all the soda you want i recommend doing this at night...

Umm.. that's called stealing, and HOW WOULD YOU DO THAT WITHOUT SOMEONE SEEING?!

You press 432112311 and hold down the change/coin return for about 5 seconds and all the money should come down.


Video has been updated with a correct link, so you can watch now hopefully.

i really hope that works. It would be awesome to get all the change!!!!

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