How To: Get Free Snapple, Soda and Snacks from Vending Machines

Get Free Snapple, Soda and Snacks from Vending Machines

Have you ever seen one of those Snapple machines with the lever coin return? I will show you how to get free drinks or snacks out of this type of machine.

  1. Take your dollar and put it in the machine.
  2. Have a friend reach his hand into the machine, about to the end of his wrist. Reach up a little, and hold the flap against the wall of the machine. The flap, unlike most machines, isn't pushed in to gain access to the beverage, but is rather forced open by the beverage. Make sure that the flap remains closed.
  3. Buy what you want. The drink won't come out because of your friend's hand.
  4. Pull the coin return lever.
  5. Enjoy.


  • This works because a laser in the machine senses if the soda comes out. If it doesn't, then the machine thinks that that flavor is out. It will then give your money back because it thinks that you never got the drink... but you did.
  • Using this method tricks the machine into believing that the beverage you have just stolen is sold out, therefore, you can not steal any more of that beverage, or buy it legally, until the machine is reset.
  • There are also certain places where you can whack the machine and get free stuff. Experiment, but try not to get caught.


I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GET CAUGHT! After all, this IS stealing, and I cannot be held accountable for anything stupid you do with this information.

Don't try this on other kinds of machines, you will just look dumb.

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