How To: Break into a Locked Suitcase Without Leaving Any Trace

Break into a Locked Suitcase Without Leaving Any Trace

Have you ever found something in your suitcase that wasn't yours?

Maybe it was, but you're almost certain it wasn't. Maybe a friend slipped something in your baggage before your departure flight? Maybe the TSA was playing a joke on you, since they have all the master keys for your approved travel locks?

Or maybe it was someone you don't even know. A sly prankster with a pen and dastardly motives—someone trying to pass their contraband to unsuspecting victims. This is why you never leave your luggage alone. Especially, if you think of airport thieves lurking in the terminals. Who cares if you have something extra in your luggage? What about something missing?

Watch the demonstration video below for the clever and undetectable hack of a zippered suitcase with lock.

Can you believe it? All that you need is a ballpoint pen to break into a locked suitcase with a zipper. The pressure causes the teeth to separate, effectively opening the suitcase.

"Zippers are self healing and if you run the zipper pull (still securely locked to the other pull, we might add) along the zipper track you'll reseal the suitcase as though you were never there." (via Lifehacker)

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now THIS is brilliant... Simple, elegant, and easy... I have a feeling next time I go traveling with some of my friends they are going to be surprised at the completely random things that they're going to find in their suitcases...

Yes, this is the perfect prank to pull on frequent travelers! Now, if only you could see their faces...

Dont attempt this with TSA at any airport !!

Hahahah awesome why didnt i think of this before..

very easy wonderfull

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