How To: Open a padlock with a soda can shim

Open a padlock with a soda can shim

Watch this video and learn to hack a padlock with a soda can. Make a lockpick for a padlock using just a soda can. A few cuts and folds and you'll be a full fledged thief or prankster. You can pull a pratical joke on any of your friends with the soda can hack after watching this instructional video. Break into lockers using this lock picking hack.

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interesting..i think i shall try that

Old. There's already another video here demonstrating this. Notice how this kid didn't talk.. afraid of getting busted? Dumbass, hope you get caught.

lame. it didn't work. apparently he had a old junk lock because the thickness of a mt dew can is thicker than the gap in the shackle

so old

it make sense though, i had never heard of this.

thats cool ive never seen that done before

Be careful not to cut yourself when making the lockpick... not that it happened to me or anything. just saying...

awesome...and we all know it happend to you joel...we all know...


I don't think so , that looked way to easy , and notice he di'nt get one cut from a sharp can , hmm!!!

i really dont get how that would really work ...... but its good if it does

different lock,different way to unlock it

It works because it pushes the metal that grabs the lock down, and forcing the wedge out of the padlock, making it open. I've tried it several times and it works.

It looks like it works. If he opened a new lock out of a package and did it...

i can tell ur parents r pikies....break into much houses lately. judging by ur hands r u .....4 yrs old. shouldnt u be learnin or in bead...ur not meant to learn the family trade so early on

learn to spell before you try to insult someone

That was awsome dude thanks!!!

Years ago I drove myself nuts trying to perfect the tennis ball trick. Basically you cut a tennis ball in half (perfectly, and that was a bitch for me) and put it over the lock on an automatic locked car and punch it (I had to use hammer cuz I have small hands) and the suction is suppose to unlock it. I wanted to perfect it, along with my regular lockpicking, but I never made it above like 20% success rate... on a good day! These tricks are cool but not very useful when one would really "need" them.

p.s. These were my own locks I practiced on.

Why are some of you people such freaks like falconraid. Why do you take pleasure being a jerk? Just be like bambam107.

You must know your enemies to overcome them that is the path of peace for every person, and it comes by doing,not the study of those who are already doing.

cool it works but i cut my finger

going to be helpful

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