Forum Thread: Anyone Know How to Open a Locked Home Safe with Electronic Key Pad and No Combination? With Damaging the Safe Itself 6 N

or where I can get the information

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Actually now that I think of it I have no clue. Your best bet is to wait until somebody else opens the safe and look at what numbers they pressed. Also if you get a thermal vision camera, (you can get one for like 50 bucks), you might be able to see the smudge marks of where other people have been pressing the buttons, leaving you with very few combinations to try.

Get a bottle of superglue and a bottle cap like off a 20 oz. open the glue, and squeeze it all into the bottle cap as quickly as possible. let the fumes from it waft over the keypad while blowing over the superglue, then the prints will be visible on the keys you'll need. Try the various combinations until you get it, then write it down. Use fingernail polish remover on a kleenex to clean the keys of glue residue.

There is a very simple method which could crack the safe open for you, but first i would need to see some pictures in order to decide what method to use?

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