How To: Con a Vending Machine & Get 2 Cokes for the Cost of 1

Con a Vending Machine & Get 2 Cokes for the Cost of 1

Follow these step by step instructions to learn how to hack a vending machine, giving you two Cokes for the price of one. You and your friends will love this cool vending machine con. Never go thirsty again. Just check out this instructional video and start hacking vending. Machines nowadays are SO smart that they know you haven't received your drink and give your money back. Humans nowadays are SO smart that we can make ourselves not receive drinks we paid for, get our money back, and then buy another one using the same money, and get TWO!

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holy s**t that's stealing


liam your a pussy

good idea


Yay...people pay for it and dont jack...meanies!!!

I hate theives >:~0

sodas are expensive in australia

for real? did you not watch the video #$%@tard?

soda is expensive here in brazil too... they're like R$4.50 (~USD2.25)

i need this trick.

holy s**t who cares! XD

thats sweeet man

this sux cuz i dont have a machine like that in my town

could you get 3 or would the convayor only let you get 2


shut up mayra and go to my room.
lol jk x]
some people resort to this so they can share lunch money or drink money =]
its friendly and beverage makers get alot of money anyways wether you steal or not.

Yes, but it hurts the poor guy who works to collect the money from the vending machine and then gets fired and can't feed his family when he comes up short.
Look at the big picture.

as far as i can tell that wouldnt happen , i know some 1 who has a vending machine and he takes the money from it all the time . i think the way it works is some 1 pays to have it and refill it but they get to keep the cash from the machine

fc that never happens

dude, Vending operations are all owned by the MOB, everyone knows that, so your really just stealing from other criminals. Too bad there are no machines like that here. They are all totally covered, and the reception box below has hand guards, so no matter how skinny your hand is, can't do it.

No, this helps them because not they have an excuse for being short. ejchi

this has quenched myself and my girlfriends thirst many a time :D

I want to hack a soda machine, but we don't have those fancy ones out here.

You can. It is just a little more complicated. For Pepsi machines you have to type in a code

do the trademark do the trademark, that was one lame trade mark but a good trick, all those venders are in places with lots of ppl and they open automatically so you can't hold it back

your right, thats the newer version of the machine in this video, now they cant open at all till your drink falls into place.

damn, at amusement parks sodas are like 4 bucks
that'll come in handy

is that only limited to one drink for free??? Or can u do it over and over

you can do that over and over again. he just didnt wanna get sued.

its not's on of those buy one get one free deals XD

that's cool l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ur stealing but what the heck, i want to do it too!

It's not your fault that the machine gets confused xD

Sweet, all Canberra has are those machines.

i like cereal

Thats not stealing...its basically just puting in your money then geting the same amount back u put in only 2 coins back...

it is when you get 4 extras

Thats not stealing...its basically just puting in your money then geting the same amount back u put in only 2 coins back...

dun dun dun!...... wait couldnt you get all of them that are in stock and piss off whoever wants to by a soda? XD

i would take the whole soda machines soda and sell them at school if i ever saw one of those kinds of machines and just leave an i.o.u. sign

Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool!!!!!!!!!

heh. i hav gotta try that

thats cool

Works as shown, tried it at a Florida "travel plaza" and yes, you can do three, but you have to be quick getting them out of the slot, as the belt only turns for a certain amount of time, and can leave the third one stranded inside - which is no big deal just do it again - but it becomes 5 for the price of 2 instead of 3 for the price of 1. :)

Loaf Likes Soda...mmmmm

look at the change meter right before he gets his first coke

haha i konw where one exactally like tht 1 is lol im gunna go get 2 for 1 coke

ah, another vast collection of losers...

Also, my friend has a business with vending machines and cameras right next to them. Got a guy arrested for stealing.

thats a cool vending machine

this method actually works.. well except getting ur money back. i worked at the mall and had a cola machine just like the one in the video, but your hand must be narrow enough to open the door where the soda falls out. once the 2nd soda drops onto the belt the new machines know when the 1st one drops so if youre able to keep the door open. you can grip the belt with ur fingers and pull the 2nd one closer. it took a bit of patience attempting this without being seen but i didnt get my money back at the end.

and yes i felt guilty for doing it but i had to try it once

my skating rink has one but it had no change in it and i paid with two ones and got nothing back >.<

that #$%@ doesnt work all it did was steal my pop. ididnt even get one

epic win!

that was funny, i think ill go try that

DAng I never thought you could hack these kinds.
Sucks how 1 soda today cost $2.50

If you are going to be a parasite, you must remember the first rule..."Don't kill the host".
Try to use your brain to create a product or service that people will pay you for.

I had one of these at my middle school and we could effectively get about 6 out at a time. and still get our money back. They installed several cams before they finaly gave up trying to catch us and traded the machine in. Oh yea and for anyone going to try this it will not work with those wide gatoraid bottles.

Do not try this at work!!! Especially when you are black and there is prejudice there. True story I got fired from a CONTACT LENS company where Filipinos were stealing the REAL PRODUCT by the pallet and they get rid of me for being the robin hood of the cafeteria heh heh Loved the 4 day 12hr shift work week there...but in hindsight fukk them snotskinned bastards

sweet we need more of those

lol vending machines sensor FAIL. nice try dude

works like a charm lol

suggest not to try and you could loose your hand or fingers. you never know. does it worth to risk for a dollar or so? I beg your answer is NO.

$2.50 for a soda!?! holy #$@%!!!

there's a retarded machine at my school one time it gave me 4 gatorades in a row for the price of one it just kept going back and getting another one without me doing anything!

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