How To: Get Free Drinks from a Vending Machine

Get Free Drinks from a Vending Machine

Thirsty? Forgot your wallet? Well if you have one arm, you will be able to get a drink from a vending machine for free anytime you want! Well only if you can find the type of vending machine shown in the video. Watch this conning how-to video to see how easy it is to con a soda vending machine to get a free drink.

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HAHAHA. I'm so lame I would have just thought of taking one.

hey if no one is around, just take a bat to the glass

whats a roflcopter!?!?!?!?!?!?

what isnt a roflcopter? 0_0 lawlcopta

it stands for rolling on the floor while laughing and spinning in a hellicopter motion

@good enough!but beware of cameras now@


I was so bored i actually tried it and guess what?
I almost got arrested!!!

hey how do I get off this site its got some raunchy stuff !!

hey guys its just a soda!!!!!!!!

I have the best answere:

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