How To: Make a secret disguised safe out of an aerosol can

Make a secret disguised safe out of an aerosol can

In this how-to video from Household Hacker, we show you how to disguise a common household item as a safe to hide all your goodies in.

You need a can (soda, bug spray, beans etc) a hot glue gun, can opener, imagination, and time.

Watch this video pranking tutorial and learn how to make a secret disguised safe out of an aerosol can.

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did you find this on instructables?
i think i posted this a wile ago. you obviously improved on my concept, but i would like to know if you got the idea from me. send a message to me on the instructables site if so.

what if some one throws it out considering its "empty" its still cool :3


on cans it says u shudnt pierce them even after they r empty, so wun cutting the bottom of be the same as piercing it?

no as long as its empty and has no aerosol left in it your good it will not explode or anything....... if there's a little left, when you pierce it with the can opener you will let out the little gases left... i've done a few of these and sold it to my idiot roommates lol....

what a great idea and tutorial.

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