How to Win a claw machine game in any arcade and become a skilled clawer

Every time you see one, you just have to put a quarter in an try your hands at the CLAW! But WTF? You never win anything from those darned claw machines! You can waste ten bucks in quarters and still come out empty handed.

But wait— instead of cursing at the claw and kicking in the machine, watch this video tutorial instead, because it will show you how to beat the claw machine at its own game!

Matt3756 has offered up a few claw game tips in the past, but this video is sure to make you a master stuffed animal winner.

In the first half of the video, learn the main and most important tips of the claw, then in the second half, join Matt3756 in a real live arcade and see his claw toy game tips in action!

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