How To: Reseal an opened soda can

Reseal an opened soda can

A cool prank to play on a friend lies in your fridge... a soda can. Get out your Coke or Pepsi can, or any other soda can, and open it up. Now, wouldn't it be cool if you could close it again, without raising suspicion?

This con video will teach you how you can reseal an opened soda can. It's very simple, just watch to see how it's done. There are no special tools needed for this soda can hack. Now, why would you want to do this? Because you can switch the contents of the soda can with a different beverage, that why.

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haha. this guys voice is funny

Scary. Why does he need to wear rubber gloves?

Standard laboratory procedure. He doesn't want his hands all sticky afterward.

Makes sense. . .
if your handling acid!

so he doesnt get cut

His voice and the gloves makes me think he is missing some screws...

tard and chicken#$%@, use your own voice

why did clear liquid poor out of a coke can?!
Awesome trick though

'cause he wanted to show that you can put something else in it (he already did) ;)

reminds me of when i pissed in my brothers orange listerine

O ___ O
creepy voice

that was alright i know a better way

so tell me..

This reminds me of that scene in Little Nicky...

Now, if only I could get a hold of some moose piss! XP

Lolz i love that movie [quote from dog] (change it in to moose piss or something)

Hey has a hispanic accent... I should know, I'm partially hispanic.

still goes flat

cool april fools joke

broke the tab

does it still make that "tssssst" noise when you open it up???

yea i teyed it

cool vid but it aint useful

I convinietly had a can of Pepsi in my hand while watching this :D Pretty cool trick to be honest.

try it with a can of Piss

Just what psychos and terrorists needed to know lol, no more canned pop for me.....wonder if it works with beer cans?????

yeah you can do some serious damage...

a can is a can so any can with a tab will work..... people really dont think...

creepy guy... i bet he keeps a joe dirt trench coat in his closet

ha his voice is ffunnyy

VERY GOOD! that man was a little sleepy. oh yeah.

i cant get the video to work plz help me

dude you sound like cleveland Jr.

Awsome i replaced it with somma my dads NASTY protein drink stuff and gave it to my friend he was spitting it out and stuff it was priceless!!!

I tried it, and it 100% works.

I think I just got trolled. Bleeding arterial and I can no longer taste colors.

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