How To: Exam Coming Up? Use This Anaglyph 3D Trick to Combine Two Cheat Sheets into One!

Exam Coming Up? Use This Anaglyph 3D Trick to Combine Two Cheat Sheets into One!

If you've ever taken a university course with an awesome professor, you're more than likely acquainted with the precious and all-glorious cheat sheet. Like the midterm, the professor usually allows a one-sided cheat sheet for the most important exam of the class—the dreaded final.

I should work on my final, but I'd rather just sit here and be a douchebag.

The one-sided cheat sheet can be handwritten or printed out, which is preferable for people with shitty handwriting like mine. Using the smallest font possible, I print out the cheat sheet with all the information I can fit and pray that I made the right decisions.

If you're worried that you can't fit all of the information on one side of a cheat sheet, then try using 3D glasses instead.

3D glasses?

Yeah, you read that right. If you have red and blue Anaglyph 3D glasses, I suggest you put them on now and check out the cheat sheet below.

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The key to making this cheat sheet is to somehow superimpose two sheets on top of each other, one in red ink and the other in blue (Photoshop can surely help you with this). Wear the glasses to class, probably to the confusion of the professor, and take your exam.

This in no way is cheating, but instead a sort of hack or legal loophole. Technically, you're only using one side of a paper, so let your professor know that if they question you. You should be able to persuade them that you're doing nothing wrong.

If your professor doesn't allow you to wear your 3D glasses inside the class, well, then sorry bro...

You're outta luck.

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Haha, pretty cool, though I am pretty sure my professors would tell me I couldn't wear the glasses...

That's ridiculous and childish, which teacher will allow you to enter the room with a sheet of paper with crazy annotations and a 3d glasses?????

3d contact lenses would the solve problem of being deprived of 3d glasses.

Make them dark tint glasses and succeed

I did something like this in high school. However, I used printed landscape and vertically. Turning the paper made it possible to read the words without needing visual aid

..."somehow super impose two sheets on top of each other" <- srsly? Isn't the point to show how?

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