How To: Find the numbers to open a combination pad

Find the numbers to open a combination pad

Forgot or lost the combination to a suitcase? Instead of prying open or picking the lock of a basic combination pad, find the numbers and recover the combination without ruining the lock with the trick tip in this instructional video. Don't suffer from a bad memory ever again, or for the more devious minded, break into that briefcase you've been eying. Learn how to recover the combination of a suitcase by watching this how-to pull a con video tutorial.

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thank you so much, I finally opened a box that has been sitting for 5 yrs.

Thanks, just waht I needed. Lesson: never, ever assume your kids won't figure out how to reset a combination lock. Even if the kid is 3. You will be proven wrong.

Thanks a lot. Finally, my dead briefcase has life.

Thanks a lot! This is a super useful, time saving trick.

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