How To: Unlock Car Doors with a Punctured Tennis Ball (Faux-To?)

Unlock Car Doors with a Punctured Tennis Ball (Faux-To?)

Many have tried to prove (or disprove) that tennis ball lock picking really works, but it still seems up for debate. Mythbusters have supposedly debunked this technique (watch the video). Someone over at the Auto Blog also has tested this car lock method with failed results (watch the video).

Yet, in theaters today is "The Next Three Days", where Russell Crowe spends most of his time acquiring forged passports, using bump keys inside prisons and yes… breaking into automobiles using a tennis ball. The best thing of all… he learned how to lock pick from YouTube how-to videos!

Now, since those "user-generated" YouTube videos in the "The Next Three Days" are more than likely NOT user-generated videos, we thought we show you one that IS. It's been circulating on the web for a while now, and it claims that it will only work on vehicles using electronic locking systems, which makes you wonder if technology is better or worse these days.

The key to using the tennis ball to unlock car doors is the burning hot screwdriver. Heat up a screwdriver and pierce the tennis ball with it. It will puncture the ball, while keeping it from tearing and expanding. This is the same thing Russell Crowe did in his new movie. The air pressure inside the tennis ball supposedly is enough to force the locks open.

What we want to know is if it's actually legit or a bona fide faux-to? If you've tested this tennis ball lock hack, let us know if it worked for you or not…

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Does this actually work?, it cant be this easy to open a locked car, Can it??

From what I saw in the movie, that white van never stood a chance against Russell Crowe and his tennis ball. But I would say it doesn't work, though I've never tried it. So who knows?

umm i dont think it will work car doors anrt sealed. so if you push air into the car door its gonna come out some were else

Too bad. The only reason this probably works is because someone's hiding the wireless remote out of the camera's view, pressing the button when the ball's hit. Too bad there's not a hidden person pressing the button in reality, but then that would take all the fun away from it.

The given instructions have been proven NOT to work.
Updated instructions as follows:
Place "Blondie's" lips over these balls and I'll unlock her car with built up pressure. GUARANTEED TO (put her to) WORK!

Uhhh... no.

Doors have too much volume and tennis balls to little to create the PSI necessary to push the locking mechanism up like that. Perhaps 200 PSI+ could accomplish it in a very new car, but even then it's more likely to flow out the interior door panel through any of the the many penetrations (e.g.- handle, stereo speakers, window and mirror controls, etc.) . It makes for good action film fodder, but useless advice in a real world pinch. Keep a spare key hidden somewhere or make good friends with a locksmith.

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