How To: Quickly copy keys using a camera, printer and Dremel

Quickly copy keys using a camera, printer and Dremel

In this ten-step video tutorial, you'll learn how to quickly copy keys using a camera, printer and Dremel tool. With this ten-step process you'll learn the necessary steps to copy almost any key... even if you only have access to it for a brief period of time.

The steps include taking a picture of the key, quickly measuring it, making a template, transferring the template, and finally cutting the key. You only need to physically have access to the key for a mere matter of seconds, long enough to measure and snap a photo or two.

The exact steps for copying a house key with a camera, printer and Dremel tool include:

Step 1: Pictures -- Take a front and back photo o the key to be copied
Step 2: Measurements -- Use a dollar bill to measure the length of the key
Step 3: Importing -- Import your photos into your graphics program
Step 4: Digital Tracing -- Use the Polygon Lasso tool to outline the key
Step 5: Resizing -- Print out the correct size key tracing
Step 6: Printing -- Print out the tracing
Step 7: Verify -- Verify the correct key length
Step 8: Cut Out -- Cut out the outline with scissors
Step 9: Marking -- Use a permanent marker to trace the key outline
Step 10: Dremeling -- Carefully cut off the markings, using the original picture as a guide

Let's say you have access to a key for a while -- you can just trace the old key (even one marked "DO NOT COPY") onto a new blank (go to a department store and look for the blank yourself - most stores won't help you at all) and Dremel away.

This really is a neat trick that should be used responsibly.

P.S. -- The standard house key is #66 here in the US. The reason for taking two pictures initially is so that you can find the most correct blank at the store... make sure it fits into your lock before cutting.

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Man, that guy doesn't know how to hold the dremel. In case the blade breaks it will going flying off parallel to the edge of the blade. you hold they key in a vise, or with your finger on the side of the dremel blade the rest of your body is on so that your hand isn't sticking out there.

Look I've got eye protection, #$%@ doesn't matter now just cut my finger off lol

Just trace the original key and use the dremel.


i think it's pretty cool actually

I'm going to assume that was his ringtone at the end. Good idea barbie girl, lol.

anyone done any Laser (VAG car keys) keys like this?

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