How To: Beat the stuffed animal crane game

Beat the stuffed animal crane game

Tired of loosing your money on the stuffed animal crane machine? Beat that carnival crane game and get the stuffed animal you want once and for all. Frustration no more! This conning how-to video will show you the physics behind the stuffed animal crane and how you can beat it. Pay close attention to this instructional video and learn how to con the crane machine to win every time.

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If only there was a prize in there worth more than 25 cents!

You could just bust the glass and take all of then for free!

i agree with Max Springer. The real hustle with these machines is not that they lose often its that even if everyone won they're still making money.

Dear Viewers,Although this video is fairly informative, most likely it does not work. Although I am speaking under my own perception and I have not been to a fun crane in quite some time, who wants to take the time and look moronic standing next to a fun crane machine with a clipboard staring at people as they most likely lose their money and afterwards they think your insane because you don't even use the machine afterwards unless you think your clipboard hypothesis is correct. (probably not)
Alex1inferno- The Critic

You say it most likely does not work, yet your only reason why you think it won't work is because you'll look like an idiot while you do it. It's called stealth, Mr. Inferno, play another game while you watch the claw, and keep track in your head.

I liked the more scientific approach that is presented.

I don't know how it works everywhere else, but in the US, the 'yellow box' is actually just a voltage regulator. There is one setting, which regulates how tight the claw is. I used to service the machines, we would take the money out, check the meter to see how much money was in the machine, and then count the toys, we would divide how much was taken in by how much was taken out, which would tell us the average 'selling price' of each toy. Our target was between 8-12 bucks each. If we were higher or lower than that target dollar amount, we would adjust the tension of the claw to make it win or lose more often, and we would monitor the machine at least 2-3 times a week to make sure we were in the target range, adjusting constantly. There was no 'count' or payoff pattern.

this is wrong they forgot to account for if while they are watching someone who is supposed to win actually loses due to crane tension.
this throws the probability off thus when they go back to play on what they think is a winning game is actually a losing game

but think about it, even if someone loses due to crane tension,the next winner must be a multiple of that person. so therefore, if someone loses due to crane tension on game 6, then you record a win on game 12, playing a game on game 24 would still be on a winning game. do you understand? if not, could someone else explain it?

This is EXACTLY how poker machines work.

lmfao you're a moron.
"poker machines" as you say, or "slot machines" are maintained by computers that highly integrate math into the machines. the result is ALWAYS random. You cannot calculate a win by watching and counting other peoples losses/wins.

actually, keep thinking that you know what you're talking about. and share with us how many times you win.

Actualy it is how they work. Do your reasearch before you try to look smart.

I was talking about "poker machines" big guy.
Learn how to spell and then learn how to read.

absolutly nothing with computers is random, its all a pattern, the longer it is, the more random it seems but its not. like with slots the pattern could be 1w, 3l, 1w, 6l, 1w, 4l, 1w, then start over. that would be easy to figure out tho, so they make the patterns extreamly long, but there IS a way to count it

I tried this out but was surrounded by people with clipboards fighting for the magic place. A fight ensued, 3 people died, two injured, one ran off with 232 furry bunnies and a black eye.

lol @ slimfandango dude u r funny awesome

ill try to remember this at the boardwalk and maybe i will end up with a ps3 or a wii

slim, that was freakin hilarious

I liked the explanation, especially the electromagnet and its relationship to the 'claw'. Thanks it was enjoyable.

That would take to long.

if you dont want to try or if your not satisfied from the explaination then get the F^&*K off ! dont watch u FR&^%%K! none sense comment from you are useless!

if u want big price..or u want to break the glass or u dont want to wait too long then get the FU#@K out of here BIT#$%! why such there a stupid ugly and m#@Ron people care about the enjoyment of the others..

i won once. i was watching a guy fixing it, taking money what ever.ask if many people ever won, he reached in and pulled out one of the nicer things and gave it to me.said you did today.

this isnt right...? i played one the other day and won like 3 times in a row...

the guy thats speaking sounds like richard hammond in top gear

sorry this is bs
because ive only lost one game in my whole life (which sucked bc i was trying to win for this little girl who kept loosing)

and ive won multiple times in a row

Who has TIME to spend waiting/watching for a crappy stuffed toy? And what if it's in a low-traffic area? You're going to have to clear your schedule *lol*

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