How To: Beat a dropping claw arcade machine

Beat a dropping claw arcade machine

Go into an arcade or video game and you'll see one of those tricky claw or crane machine. Have you ever seen anyone win on one of those? Probably not. The video demonstrator owns his own claw machine, so he offers up some tips on playing the game! Watch this video conning tutorial and learn how to beat a dropping claw or crane arcade game machine.

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He's so cute... hes so "bad" at being a host in a charming way!!

i like it

how are we going to reach in and make sure

how to i crack the machine controller

i've never seen any machine like that with that amount of grip.

I took a few paper clips and bent them to fit in the lock in one of em at fred meyers and i just pushed hard and turned ... AND ZINGO I GOT ALL THE MONEY ... i feel sorry for the suckas goin for the prizes i got about 63$ from the machine then i locked it back up then went inside and bought a ps3 game

I think his settings were all high

thats interesting , but like everyone saying never seen a machine with that grip , its designed to rip u off , just like casinos

Those machhines are a rip off like were gonna get the chance to open up a claw machine and make them definetlty give us a prize but i guess the tips on where to aim the claw was useful

i spent my 8 minutes watching this????
all u need is luck

The lack of punctuation use and proper grammar on these comments astounds me. But yeah, I agree... he's adorable.

You never start a sentence with "But", But i guess you now know when to shut up right ?

But what if you're replying to another sentence?

it was all a #$%@ing lie

if the owner sees u taking the calw thing appard wouldent u get busted, then u would nevr b able to beat it!!!

skrew adjusting the settings. just fast track to the prize and smash the glass!

interesting....i agree adorable.


why not just steal the prizes instead of opening the glass and adjusting the claw??????

A coat hanger and 2 lookouts. I win every time. No quarters.

all i have to say is that yoo rock i have alought of things from that machine

dude do u even be able to open the settings and hack it.. and if u smash the glass people will kno and other btw for u all nerds out there his not cute his lame... his a waste of time a pile of gag and noob... i dont even wan him to be in the noobs unite clan o.0 cuz hiz to much nooby..

aww ur so cute and to all the idiots who are saying stuff about "i can't just hack the machine i'll get caught" thats not the point of the vid. the point is to help you catch stuff by strategy and to show you how different machines work :) nice video x

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