How To: Add LED lights to avoid speed detection while driving

Add LED lights to avoid speed detection while driving

Tired of getting speeding tickets? Not prepared to start driving by the letter of the law? Well, this instructional video shows a way to con the speeding radar. Regular LED lights can be modified with infrared LED bulbs and will avoid speed detection by the police. Learn how to stop getting speeding tickets and avoid police radar detection by adding LED lights by watching this how-to con video.

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Interesting I wonder I wonder if it is legal to install objects onto the plate and when do you know the battery is dead?

it is legal as long as they are not blocking any letters on the plate, and to check if the battery is dead just look at the lights with a digital camera

Interesting. Does this device work during the daytime too? I mean, with normal sunlight is the speedtrap camera still 'blinded' by the infrared LEDs?

i'd rather get a speeding ticket than thrown in jail for scamming the police.

I know a guy that works in photo enforcement and he said yeah this would work but what happens when a real cop gets behind you and sees 3 led magnets on you license plate, blocking your plate for his view is another ticket that is more expensive then the speeding ticket. Its a law in California now that you can't have any coverings on you license plate covering the numbers letters and the part that says California. Unless you knew were the cameras were and you got off after passing the camera and took off the led from the license plate but who's stupid enough to do that and it defeats its purpose. I agree with jillz23 just get the speeding ticket and you'll learn, the next time that you feel like going fast you'll be more aware of cameras and not speed to fast around them. Besides the guy told me they give you like 10 or 11 mph over the speed limit before they flash you so if you need to go any faster then that you need a damn ticket.

I bet theres a way to wire up the lights to be powered by a battery. if i figure it out, I might make a video...

Just get a small watch batter and make sure the ground is on one end and the power has a strip going over the battery to the positive site. You could use some kind of rubber seal to hold them together. And they should be cheap enough if your not paying tickets to just replace with new ones every few months.

I have something very similar but i've wired them to both my front and rear license plates to switches so i only turn them on when i speed or im about to enter an intersection when the light is yellow.. works everytime havent gotten a ticket in ages ...;0>)

I bet it won't stop a cop that catches you with those. Wouldn't it be easier not to speed.

would this not work better if you spread the l e d`s around the plate,

this is what's happening to the country where goverment teach people to spy on each other and tell on every one, more then 50% are snitchies, like BenJi8, Siempre Solo... fuken trying to be a good citizens

Does this still work with laser speed detectors?

This method works great for many differnt types of surveillance cameras as well can be easily used to disquse objects or people the on problem with this method is it wont work with all cameras because not every ccd sensor is tuned to be able to recognize the light emitted in the infrared spectrum, so it wont even see the light to block the plate it will be invisible to the camera just as it is to the human eye. But you can always get and infrared led and wire it into the socket were one of the license plate bulbs is located works for me and great for privacy in private areas like apartment buildings!

You guys are dreaming! The traffic light cameras use IR floodlights which means they illuminate your car with IR and they use an IR cut filter to read the license plate. Humans can't see in the IR spectrum but the camera can with the special IR filter. What you see when you get flashed is a regular camera that takes a picture of the driver.

shine a light at me and i will shine a light at you and nether of us can see each other, light dose not counter light no mater the frequency, all digital cams see ir!!

Great...if it works

you'll also need another part. a lawyer's business card

If you put hair spray all over the number plate, it's not only invisable, but it will reflect the flash from the speed camera like a mirror ,

If you was going to use LED's its best if the LED'S are built into the number plate with the circuit board at the back of the plate. This would make it less noticeable .

yea hairspray works but i use Clear Gloss paint waterproofer it reflects the flash there4 blinding the camera itself you can see straight thru it with normal eyes but a camera wwill ......FAAAAIILLLLLLL

Hair spay is well known as has been for a long time, it deflects the light to make it unreadable and it band on number plates hear in oz!!

Must work great for passing toll booths at night without paying

Too funny - firstly LED's will not affect RADAR. If your intent is to fool LIDR, you;re going to have a problem with this as well. If for any reason I observed ANY flashing lights on a vehicle, that's a Traffic Misdemeanor. Here's some advice - don;t speed! The life you save may be mine!

na la el! infractorule! :)

You can mount the LEDS in the headlight and tailight housings so as not to interfere with the license plates. In face most license plates now have lights over them or around them. You can replace one of the bulbs or figure out how to integrate it into the license plate lights or taillights which will help avoid any legal issues with covering the plate. And no cop can just say an LED light is not Street Legal because they are street legal as long as they aren't glowing blue, red and a couple other colors.

Or... you could just buy a nice radar detector/laser jammer system for the price of one or two tickets.

It amazes me how far off track the reply's get! Nothing was ever said about standard radar or laser, only photo radar, which once the radar sees you are speeding, then it will take a picture. All this is doing is blocking the plate from being visible which then won't be able to be used to track down the registered owner of the car. Obviously you can still get a ticket from a cop radaring you driving down the road.
Also, this can easily be made better by installing the LED's into a license plate frame, and wiring that into the parking light circuit, voila no more red light tickets or photo radar tickets!

Id like to know how powerfull the red light cameras are in lumens. Because im pretty sure you need to atleast match their brightness in red light terms before a plate can be masked from over exposure. And how powerfull is the flash on their every day cameras. I think if you could use two pairs of lights pointed directly at each other on both left and right of plate glowing white and infrared this would diffuse any light source entering the space before the plate. But knowing their brighhtness is the key.

Good question Jason. I think the answer to that is the key.

Yes these work I have them hard wired in to my car battery and added a circuit bulb tested that will let me know if an Ir bulb burns out.

As for traffic camera keep in mind they are all illegal they are a violation of your 6th Amendment rights to meet your accuser in court.

Never less you can't get in trouble for it. Just make sure all leters can be read on the plate.

The police no longer in here to protect and serve, they work like bandits but protected by law, laws enforced by pressure groups, they are an enterprise and franchised business and are there to make enough income so government wont shrink them, where were they wen sandy hook needed them, where were they when 9/11 happen but they are always hiding in the corner to catch me and you for absurd reasons

well the type of infered light that leds put out can be seen by almost any digital camera and the concept is pretty simple it over exposes your plate

while a simple hot object will be less visible to a typical camera an infered led puts out infered that is much closer to the visible spectrum

this is why foil blocks infrared spy cams that can other wise see strait though fiberglass insulated walls and brick as well but nope will not go though kitchen foil

yes their are filters that can block this light but they will also block a bit of normally viable light from that end of the specturn now using that marital as a plate cover and shine those inferead lights on your plate inside and outside the cover and believe it or not leaving the plastic cover plate was shipped in will play games with cameras another thing that will screw with em is the lens from a welding helmet the flash will cause your plate to be covered and under normal light it will be clear as any other cover

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