How To: Cheat on a test & not get caught

Cheat on a test & not get caught

Learn how to cheat on a test and never get caught again! 1. Gather the required materials: pen, tape, and a scissors. The pen required is a special kind of pen found at any local store. The tube of this pen rotates inside the click at the top. 2. Type up what you'll need for the test and print the sheet out. 3. Carefully cut out the printed paper. 4. Take apart your pen, take out the tube, take the piece of paper and simply tape around the tube. Note: the size of the font determines the space of writing on the tube 5. Make as many printed papers as you need, but take the paper you need for that test and slip it on the tube. 6. Put the pen back together. Now you are ready to discreetly cheat on any test subjects! Including but not limited to: Math, English and Science! Good luck!

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--!!! Posted on web I think the hold world know already. Study better than getting caught.

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