How To: Modify a pen to help you cheat on exams

Modify a pen to help you cheat on exams

Learn how to make a pen in which to easily conceal and retrieve test and exam answers by watching this how-to video. If you're too lazy to do your reading, or you don't think you have a prayer of passing, try a cheat sheet. Check out this video tutorial and learn how to hide answers or notes on a pen. Just remember, you're only cheating yourself by not studying.

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That is very clever!

You have to know the answers to the questions though..

there is a book you know... this is for mostly history or you dont know the equation for the problem?

That's easy to make and awsome!

Keep it chill

>.> you lie and im sure he was stupid with it... and... Why the hell did you let him cheat? you are a parent right? >.> is his falt not the video's

thanks for the heads up....i don't think teachers think kids would go to all the trouble instead of just paying attention and studying....i'll have to tell them all when we start testing this year!

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