How To: Cheat on a test with a rubber band

Cheat on a test with a rubber band

See how a simple rubber band can become a hidden answer key for a school test.

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thank you so much i have spansih 1 and its a bitch even tho the years bout over i can still try it thnx

ay man i neva thought of something like dis
son i cant wait till school starts
i would love to see more videos from you

I had the same idea before when i saw writing on a balloon bu this is much better cuz a balloon is more big and it look suspicious. t=but this is the best thing ive seen ever!!!

wow that is genius, ahaha only makes u a better person

thanks for advice....i'll be sure to tell my teacher the day of our first test this year

I CAnt Hear It But Cant Wait For Nxt Test Anywayz

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