How To: Cheat on an exam with a modified pen

Cheat on an exam with a modified pen

Check out this instructional video and learn how to make a special pen that will help you cheat on your next exam. Just make sure you don't get caught. Maybe you could spend the time studying, or maybe you're irredeemably stupid. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make a cheat pen.

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What if you used the time it took to figure this out to accually STUDY. Loser


If you had studied maybe you would know that there's only one c in actually

This is the most immense thing ever created. YOU ARE MY GOD

i hate u we have only 1 god ok

You fail, the correct answer is 0 there are 0 gods

this only works if your not using a scantron.

Wat!? Wat in tha world does a scrantron have to do with this?

You have to use pencil on a scantron -__-'' that's how they work. they only pick up graphite.

Superted needs this pen because they didn't actually take the time to study the word "actually". LOSER

why didnt i think of this?

the good old days...

wow where do you buy these??? do they sell them in the uk???

sell wat? startin 2 think u people are slow!

no wonder my friend is so smart

just make a little piece of paper and hide it under your test or what ever

cool,no wonder my friend is so smart

I did this in 5th and 6th grade. Tha good o days!

wow wat an invention i want 1 can i get 1 in Australia?

dont know but thats wat the internets for! XD

u know what i do lmao i take a tissue paper write down all the answers and put it in my pocket the next day of my test i tell my teACHER can i please get a tissue in the middle of the test and i pretend to sneeze and then i come back to desk and i take out the answer tissue one and lmao I CHEAT!

Where do you get the pen please send back @

better hope that u have a mighty short test or that u only need a couple of answers

you can rlly use this for remembering formulas!

I am a phd. I could tell you I cheated when I was primary school student. The way I cheated was a lot smarter than this!

it rly rly works i used in all final tests and i bringe in them alll 100 100 100 100 100 wooooow thanks

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sooo nice and awsom yay thanks so much

happy to say that i just creamed.

nice, can't belive i seen this like ten years after i came up wit it.. nice thou..i also use to tape other c notes on a pack of gum, a sneek at look at the back while u pop a gum, or UV ink and UV pen

This is why we teachers say, "okay students, get your pencils out." lol

Where can i find this pen ?

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