How To: Pass (um… cheat) on any exam using a custom-made T-shirt

Pass (um… cheat) on any exam using a custom-made T-shirt

Depending on how well your T-shirt design is, you may never get caught cheating on your exams! The more words you throw on your shirt, the less likely any one would notice they're not just any ol' words! Learn the clever way to cheat on your test with a custom-made tee!

Purchase the program for about 7 dollars (or find something similar). Install the software. Open the program and start to add design on your shirt. Type in the info you will need for your test, flip the text upside down. Print out your design. Place the t-shirt in a hard surface with the t-shirt design face down. Get the iron ready and begin to press for about 2-3 minutes. After it cools down, slowly begin to peel off the paper.

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im pretty sure your teacher would need to be severly retarded for that to work. nice try though

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