News: Thwart traffic tickets with LED installs

Thwart traffic tickets with LED installs


Interesting I wonder I wonder if it is legal to install objects onto the plate and when do you know the battery is dead?

Interesting. Does this device work during the daytime too? I mean, with normal sunlight is the speedtrap camera still 'blinded' by the infrared LEDs?

i'd rather get a speeding ticket than thrown in jail for scamming the police.

I know a guy that works in photo enforcement and he said yeah this would work but what happens when a real cop gets behind you and sees 3 led magnets on you license plate, blocking your plate for his view is another ticket that is more expensive then the speeding ticket. Its a law in California now that you can't have any coverings on you license plate covering the numbers letters and the part that says California. Unless you knew were the cameras were and you got off after passing the camera and took off the led from the license plate but who's stupid enough to do that and it defeats its purpose. I agree with jillz23 just get the speeding ticket and you'll learn, the next time that you feel like going fast you'll be more aware of cameras and not speed to fast around them. Besides the guy told me they give you like 10 or 11 mph over the speed limit before they flash you so if you need to go any faster then that you need a damn ticket.

I bet theres a way to wire up the lights to be powered by a battery. if i figure it out, I might make a video...

I have something very similar but i've wired them to both my front and rear license plates to switches so i only turn them on when i speed or im about to enter an intersection when the light is yellow.. works everytime havent gotten a ticket in ages ...;0>)

I bet it won't stop a cop that catches you with those. Wouldn't it be easier not to speed.

would this not work better if you spread the l e d`s around the plate,

this is what's happening to the country where goverment teach people to spy on each other and tell on every one, more then 50% are snitchies, like BenJi8, Siempre Solo... fuken trying to be a good citizens

Does this still work with laser speed detectors?

This method works great for many differnt types of surveillance cameras as well can be easily used to disquse objects or people the on problem with this method is it wont work with all cameras because not every ccd sensor is tuned to be able to recognize the light emitted in the infrared spectrum, so it wont even see the light to block the plate it will be invisible to the camera just as it is to the human eye. But you can always get and infrared led and wire it into the socket were one of the license plate bulbs is located works for me and great for privacy in private areas like apartment buildings!

You guys are dreaming! The traffic light cameras use IR floodlights which means they illuminate your car with IR and they use an IR cut filter to read the license plate. Humans can't see in the IR spectrum but the camera can with the special IR filter. What you see when you get flashed is a regular camera that takes a picture of the driver.

Great...if it works

you'll also need another part. a lawyer's business card

If you put hair spray all over the number plate, it's not only invisable, but it will reflect the flash from the speed camera like a mirror ,

If you was going to use LED's its best if the LED'S are built into the number plate with the circuit board at the back of the plate. This would make it less noticeable .

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