News: Open a locked door with a credit card

Open a locked door with a credit card

Locked out? Quit climbing through the windows or calling your ex to let you in. Get serious. Howcast says, do it yourself.

This lock pick trick is elementary. I do it on my office door daily. It's a quick shimmy and flick of the wrist. Almost easier than finding my keys. Just don't use a credit card you expect to use ever again. It ruins the mag strip.

Unlock a door with a credit card

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i use a butter knife, its almost as thin, and sturdier, and i have an excuse for having a butter knife in my pocket......MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yeah. a butter knife would work better.

ya i belive a butter knif would work to

One of the thin plastic report covers works great, too (like a binder, but with only just one layer of plastic). Just sweep the whole thing, and it's open in a few seconds.

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