News: Hack a padlock with a soda can shim

Hack a padlock with a soda can shim

Yes. It works.

But only if it's your lock. Otherwise it definitely does not work. In fact if you try this on that nerdy kid's locker and you'll definitely land in detention.

Hack a lock with a soda can shim

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Nice lisp jackass.

nice video. I realy want to go try that now

Great video, not so great voice. I wont say learn to talk, but try to speak more better.

Open you mouth when you talk please, it's hard to understand. =)

its kinda funny how Videogame Master said "try to speak more better"

Oh great, post it on the web so #$%@!+*s everywhere can break into people's lockers and things. I have some descent art supplies in my university locker =.= thanks. Do you know how much odorless paint thinner cost? =.=

just dont buy this lock
buy a different uncrackable one
i wish i'd know how easy it was to crack the lock b4 my stuff was stolen

awesome i have this locked lock with the face gone to get off.

nice trick

You sound like a real geek! and this is the biggest load of rubbish i've seen, except for the free gas hack, anyone else see that one?


nice. might be useful.

wow thash shoo coowl -_- learn how to speak

it doesnt work

you're #$%@ing retart you know that?

you are a #$%@ing retart

considering you cant spell retard you are

If it doesn't work, figure out why. Why critisize a mans lisp, when he's just trying to spread information. PS: this video works just as well on MUTE. douchebags.

Clothup Vitheo Of THE DemonTHrathion.

big lisp, lol

i think hes asian and has braces

so he talks like hes spitting but also when he says certain words they sound ohhhh very asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
sucky sucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it doesnt work!! all it does iscut up your hands. dont try it.

ohman, i should have read ALL the comments before trying it. now i have a cut left thumb AND and unopened lock with no combo.

it does work but try it with a piece of a floppy disc metal

i might of did it rong but it didnt work 4 me

you guys are all asswholes who cares about his voice hes putting this video on for you guys.. and you guys just keep makeing fun of him god made ppl all different soo make fun of his voice and go strait to hell and ill whoop the #$%@ out of you

(threats over the internet are never threatening, just makes you look like a douche)

haha sorry its just hard to take anyone with a lisp seriouly

Hish lishp ish badash. I thought it wash a cool video :D

get a #$%@ing life you nerd and speak english and it's called picklock stupid #$%@

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