News: Debunk the fake candy machine hacks

Debunk the fake candy machine hacks

Candy machine hacks are so popular now, one might think it's easier to get candy from a vending machine than from a ... baby.

Debunker Mike from Mississippi has taken the craze head on, debunking many inaccurate methods of stealing candy. He dissects the coin collecting mechanism to demonstrate how coins activate the release of candy.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user, justin42.
Debunk the free candy cheat myth


It does work, and on several varieties, I have done it. You must use something thicker than paper (like a postcard or greeting card) and then take some scotch tape around it to make it thicker. also, your paper should be quarter sized....just trace your quarter onto it and cut it out


Yes, this does actually work -- my dad showed me how to use it in candy machines. It just doesn't work in soda machines or a standard vending machine where you need more weight. My dad worked at a paper factory so we had a bunch of leftover cardboard at home. It was about the thickness of cereal-box packaging, a little thicker. We just traced a quarter, trimmed down the edges a little to make it the right size, and voila. Candy.

y da fux wood u want 2 by a fuccin candeey macheen??

There's a little place called school, you should check it out some time

It works. I've used smashed up skittles before. I do it at my work all the time.

just use cardboard instead, then you'll also be sure that paper does not get stuck anywhere :-)

boooooooo why would you buy that just to prove a point to ppl who dont care what you have to say.... get a life

Why dont I just spend a quater for a piece of gum?
Because the gum sucks.

Yep worked at a Dominoes pizza that I worked at. The circular pieces on the pizza boxes are ideal for this!

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