How To: Win money with a newspaper con game

Win money with a newspaper con game

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The top ten will feature in our Real Hustle Christmas special on BBC Three.
It is the turn of Dick and Dom to be duped in Celebrity Con Games.

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That is actually really, really dumb. She stands behind a glass door and this is accepted because she "never mentioned it." OK, two can play that game. To show you how dumb it is, let's say the two men "never mentioned" a few things of their own. One has a hammer and the other a long wooden pole to push her over. Oh, but that's not fair!! Sure it is since all things that were "never mentioned" are now permissible! Want to do it again for the double the money? OK! This time she has a 1/4 inch steel wall between them. My, is she clever! Ahh, but the boys "forgot to mention" that they brought a .50 caliber gun with armor piercing bullets. They win the bet -- and Jess wins a trip to the morgue. Boy, that was fun!!

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