How To: Pick a master lock number 5 and 3

Pick a master lock number 5 and 3

Check out this instructional conning video that demonstrates how to pick a master lock number 5 and a master lock number 3. Follow the simple instructions outlined in the video and learn to pick master locks. First you're going to need a standard tension wrench, and some type of picking tool. Soon you'll be lock picking like a pro.

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Good Job! Great visuals. The info on the torque wrench was good I believe I was putting to much pressure prior. I think what was helpful to me is the fact that I kinda stopped looking at the lock and made a mental note on feeling the pins and then actually started to hear them set as I worked the pick out. In my case I used a hairclip not a hacksaw blade with an allon key filed down as my torque wrench.
Great Job

I understand that this video is for informational purposes, but maybe next time on your home made video, try not to use those melodramatic statements like "...supposed to protect your home and family..." Just last night, i was reflecting on the lack of protection and safety on my home, as I locked myself inside my house with a Master padlock on the inside. "...protect your family folks...", was my favorite one. Kids these days, they learn to open a four pin lock, and they are experts. Honestly Josh, good work, seriously, you are headed to a life and crime. Try this one on your next video; "Locks keep honest people out." That is the truth, because a lifelong criminal will not be stopped, even by best locks on earth. If you have what they want, they will take it. Just prey it does not involve a S&W .45 ACP.

very nice picking ive been able to pick the whole master line with the #3 commercial being the only 1 i had a problem with i think they use different springs in the commercial locks seems harder to push the pins down none the less great job

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