How To: Outwit carnies at carnival games

Outwit carnies at carnival games

Tired of spending $20 at the carnival to get a teddy bear worth $2.99? Here's how to beat the carnies at their own games.

This video will show you how to beat those carnival madmen with a little knowledge of the most common scams, along with a little determination to beat those damn carnies. Learn how to suss out rigged games, and pick up some tricks for evening the playing field. Check out this connning how-to video tutorial and learn how to win games at a fair.

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The main thing you have to watch out for though is that they have small hands and smell like cabbage.

that is so rude, although some aren't that fresh but would you be if you were in the hot sun for hours on end working just to make a buck. you should see all the work that they do just to provide entertainment for some off the wall town that nothing happens in.

They don't work that hard
And also Some of these "Carnies" can make up to thousands a day
And also theres something called " Pitstick"

a carney once undressed me with his eyes

i'm sure that's not the worst thing that ever happened to you. by the looks of things you should of got her number who knows you might of got lucky for once

yeah...stealing from people.....hhhhmmm....yeah how about no

I think this is fantastic. WingNuts, it isn't stealing from Carnies, it's playing with the same rules the Carnies are using to cheat you out of your money.

WingNuts, all of the carnival games shown here are either fixed to increase the carnies chances in taking your money or just total luck. This video is just a way to increase your odds of winning.

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