How To: MoMA Pisses Off Internet Artists (Here's How to Get Back at Them)

MoMA Pisses Off Internet Artists (Here's How to Get Back at Them)

Aram Bartholl over at F.A.T. is pretty pissed because MoMA is discriminating against internet artists. As most New York-based working artists know, MoMA offers annual membership for only $35 (compared to the standard rate of $75) to artists who can provide "credentials" that prove legitimacy. Though the offer isn't publicized on the MoMA site, word on the street is "credentials" equates to "a letter from the gallery or an announcement for one of the artist's shows within the past two years" (see Artnet, scroll about 3/4 down the page).

Example of an authentic & legal pass.

Sticky situation. Yes, screw the Art Man and all that. And yes, most young artists squirm at the word "legitimacy" (whether they'll admit it or not). BUT, here's how the internet works: It's vast. It can grow infinitely. Dream up a URL, register the domain and pay for it, and you can open an online art gallery with the low overhead of your time plus mere dollars in monthly hosting costs. Legitimacy aside, accepting this new barrier means MoMA could lose lots of dollars on lots of passes. Still, it's fun to hack an almighty establishment such as MoMA. So, if you're among the guilt-free set, here's how Aram does it:

1. Download your pass here.

2. Print it on heavy paper, both sides.

3. Insert your name with a pen.

4. Visit MOMA a whole year for free!

Aram's counterfeit pass.

Further instructions for this hack & more from F.A.T.:

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