HowTo: Hack Starbucks (Employee Leaks $$ Saving Cheats)

Hack Starbucks (Employee Leaks $$ Saving Cheats)

For the coffee addicts, Redditor therewillbesnacks shares a wealth of insider tips for cheating the Starbucks system. A dollar here, a dollar there- it all adds up. Below, a few highlights from the thorough posting:

  • HowTo: Hack Starbucks (Employee Leaks $ Saving Cheats)"If you and a friend are out and want a Frappuccino, ask for a Venti split into two tall cups. Iced venti cups are 24 oz. Tall are 12. Viola. Two talls would cost you about 6 bucks, a venti, 4."
  • "If you want espresso, avoid the options already on the menu board. Americanos cost just a little more than a cup of brewed coffee, but packs more of a caffeine punch because it's espresso and hot water... If you want an extra shot, don't ask for one. Ask for a "grande Americano in a tall cup". That way, they charge you an extra 30 cents, instead of an extra 70 cents for the shot of espresso. This works because Grande Americanos get three shots. Same would work for a Venti."
  • "If you like iced drinks, asking for a triple espresso in a Venti cup over ice, and then filling it with milk after the fact at the condiment bar is a great way to get an iced latte for about 2 dollars. Even adding a flavor (which is 40 cents extra) still saves you about 50%."
  • "If you come in and act like you're in a huge hurry and don't want to wait for a decaf or bold pour over, but are still nice enough about it, we'll make you an Americano for the same price as a coffee and get you out of there quick."

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As a Starbucks employee, the only legit "hack" is the Americano tip. Every thing else, especially splitting drinks, is against policy. If a store does this, then the employees there are at risk of possibly losing their job.

I called them today and asked and it is not against policy to split it in to 2 cups

Maybe he was right 3 years ago when he posted this. ;-)

Even though this post is a year old I would like to add that the caffeine in an Americano is actually significantly less than a cup of brewed coffee. Even ordering "a grande Americano in a tall cup" shorts you on not only money, but caffeine. A tall cup of coffee runs $1.50 before tax with 260mg of caffeine. However a grande Americano runs $2.05 before tax and only has 225mg of caffeine. You are actually paying $0.55 more before tax and getting 35mg less of caffeine. That tip is COMPLETELY false.

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