How To: Hack an elevator to go directly to your floor

Hack an elevator to go directly to your floor

Going up? This video will teach you how to hack an elevator, making it go directly to the desired floor without stopping. If you're ever in a hurry or, heaven forbid, a genuine emergency and need to get to the bottom or top floor quickly, you'll be very happy you watched this how-to video. Learn how to enable the "express mode" in most any modern elevator with this great pushbutton hack!

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Very cool. I love this tip. I hate stopping on other floors going up or This is like having your own, private This can come in handy for sure. A real time saver.


Nice... I am going to try this tonight when I get home

that's really cool, i will try this today..

what a dumbass. When you press Penhouse in any elevator it always goes straight to the Penhouse. Thats just one of the features of getting to the Penhouse. People who can afford the Penhouse dont want to be with common people

Penthouse dumbass...The word is PENTHOUSE!

yeah quinodog is pretty stupid

Tried this twice today; worked both times.

I tried this in my office building. It didn't work, I got stopped on the fourth floor.

Must not be for all elevators. Out of curiosity, how tall is your office building? Also, how many lifts do they have?

I'm curious if this is more prominent in taller buildings, or ones with fewer lifts...

9 stories tall, and I started at the top floor. My building is under six years old.

Interesting to note that there is no 13th floor on the display. Superstitious perhaps?

Yeah, my building doesn't have a 13th floor either.

almost none do. the just skip it

the people on the 14th floor know what floor they're really on.

people jumping off the 14th floor die sooner than they expected

I dont believe any hotels have the 13 floor. number 13 is partners with demons or such.

what if you elevator doesn't have a close button

then you're screwed :)

almost no elevators have a 13th floor usually username...just kinda one of those things

I never seen a elevator with a close door button

nice elevator hack, I haven't been stopped yet.

ya....i did it when no one was using the elevator like 3 in the morning....i didnt get stopped either!!

You're a dumbass. Go jump off a bridge. But, before you do please notice that the two arrows pointing at each other in an elevator IS the close door button.
I have now just lost faith in the human race.....

YOU'RE a dumbass, because as you're clearly not aware, there ARE modern-day elevators without close-door buttons. i've been in britain for nearly a year, and i've yet to see any elevators in this city with a close-door button.

In most elevators even the close door button is inactive.
Penthouse is almost always an express entry.
In most elevators you will need a key or a code to override normal operation. Just enjoy the ride they are already programed to make it as swift as is possible.

>=] no1 will ever ride in the same elevator as me ageenn!!!! hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

I will try this. It will be interesting to see what happens because I work in the hosputal

dude cmon imagine if you're the one trying to get to the elevator... then you'll have to wait longer...

have to try this

It worked for me!!! I was helping someone move things out of a 23rd floor apartment... and this trick came to mind. Worked great on a busy Saturday afternoon!!!

This is bull#$%@. Having worked for two major elevator service companies (Otis and Dover) I can tell you there is no "secret" button combination programmed into the system. There is usually a keyswitch for "Independent Service" which bypasses any floor calls for the elevator in use. Sometimes this switch is hidden behind a locked access panel. Find a way to pick that lock or get a hold of a key, and you're in luck - 90% of the elevators from a manufacturer use the same key for same features - so one key will usually work in other elevators of the same manufacturer. If you got the "trick" to work, most likely it was a coincidence and no one else was attempting to call the elevator.

If you can get a hold of a "Fire Service Recall Key" for any manufacturer elevator, that key will make the elevator return to the ground floor (where you use it) without stopping anywhere on the way down. And it makes the people inside have to listen to an annoying buzz on the non-stop ride down!

Loaf and his fleas have a new HOBBY!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work in an elevator company(OTIS) as Engineer customer service.I think dont overide the elev. unnecessarily only if you have a sick person or some emergency.Everybody wants to use it why do you think people should wait for you until you reach ur floor for them to access the elev.It is not fair.Only stupid, irresponsible people will do that.

I made an active attempt at reading your comment. I gave up after reading it four times.

Try floor 16. I hear that the people there have a sense of humour...duh.

This worked for me. I used to get to the 24th floor, which was all the more impressive considering that the building I live in only has 10 floors.

u all r stupid

and what happens if your elevator doesnt have buttons at all?

I tried this and aerosmith started to play, does this work on british ones as well

Interesting to know, sure is nice for emergency use it otherwise, I think it would be a sign of pure arrogance.. Someone else may REALLY need that elevator. Freakin lazy tards, whats one more minute...

great tips and it helps, especially on an emergency scenarios.of course you wouldn't do it if your claiming a win lotto prize,why such in a hurry. But its a nice tips.

you lazy feckers do it the scouse way and walk up the feckin stairs , england england , only kiddin we love you all

It dont seem to work for schindler lifts either.
When lifts skip a floor its usually because those levels are a services level for HVAC and other services.

A real time saver for a courier!

1995 the elevator union passed a law to all elevators after that year has a bypass by mean of a key or a code...

So, do the button combination, and then choose a lower floor. If you stop at the lower floor, it doesn't work. Unless I am missing something here, the code is activated only with the two button combination, not any other subsequent requests or calls.

This is deal with this. An elevator is a product - and is sold to the building developer. So...we simply have to find out what the brand of the elevator is. Not all elevators are programmed the same way. Does anyone know the brand of this elevator...I NEED TO KNOW!


I pressed that button combo and now ive blanked my Beatles cassette >.< Better instructions maybe??

If Elev1 = sys.override.true then lock_moron_in_box.pwnd


funny!!! It doesnt work at all. I went down to try out the trick and ended up "enjoying" the lift with people from other floors

That will be useful when I go to New York soon (hopefully :) )

P.s. That's a really tall building!

sooooo trying this when i go on my trip!

im gonna do this at the airport :P

judy1289- if you have been in brittain for a year surely you know she is a COUNTRY, not a city! bloody yanks. plus this dont work!


wahhh this is so coooo! I'm ghonna try this at the office so I won't get late!haha

there is an app in andriod and apple that works sometimes

i cant see video I loggin but I cant

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