How to Get free Redbox DVD rentals

Learn how to get free Redbox DVD rentals. Redbox movies can be found in large stores, usually supermarkets, where you can rent a movie, and return them to the same box when you are done. In order to get the free movie, you must obtain a code, which you will enter during the rental process. On the website, sign up for what is called "Free Movie Monday". Redbox will send a code to your cell phone on the first Monday of every month. One thing to remember is to not be late returning the movie, or you will be charged a late fee. Watch this quick tutorial and you will be able to enjoy free movies with no hassle.


also, now I don't know if they stopped it but you can go to a convenient store and get a prepaid credit card and put like 5-10$ on it and get movies from redbox then keep em and since the cards prepaid and not under any name they cant charge you for keeping it

DARKFOXX - This post was about getting free rentals not actively STEALING movies. What a shameful thing to do. Your mam must be so proud of her thieving offspring.

really? because no where in my post do I say I've done this, so before accusations and putting me to shame maybe you should analyze a little more. having knowledge doesn't make me a criminal it just makes me knowledgeable

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