How To: Get free Redbox DVD rentals

Get free Redbox DVD rentals

Learn how to get free Redbox DVD rentals. Redbox movies can be found in large stores, usually supermarkets, where you can rent a movie, and return them to the same box when you are done. In order to get the free movie, you must obtain a code, which you will enter during the rental process. On the website, sign up for what is called "Free Movie Monday". Redbox will send a code to your cell phone on the first Monday of every month. One thing to remember is to not be late returning the movie, or you will be charged a late fee. Watch this quick tutorial and you will be able to enjoy free movies with no hassle.

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also, now I don't know if they stopped it but you can go to a convenient store and get a prepaid credit card and put like 5-10$ on it and get movies from redbox then keep em and since the cards prepaid and not under any name they cant charge you for keeping it

DARKFOXX - This post was about getting free rentals not actively STEALING movies. What a shameful thing to do. Your mam must be so proud of her thieving offspring.

really? because no where in my post do I say I've done this, so before accusations and putting me to shame maybe you should analyze a little more. having knowledge doesn't make me a criminal it just makes me knowledgeable

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