How To: Freeze a lock off

Freeze a lock off


does this actually work

a single hammer blow is enough to break any padlock , no need to freeze it ...

I don't know about locks in your country but german locks are a little bit more sturdy than that.

Why not just use the key, save the environment and all those expensive sprays. That's what I do!

its not fake, i tested it before. dumb #$%@er

Yes, it is faked. You can see the video jump right before he hits the lock, indicating that something was edited out.

u know what? u can suck ma cock!!

Yes, why don't we argue about it. /sarcasm.


fail-use aresol+fire or liquid nitrogen

Dude i got jars of liquid nitro at home in the shed, I used to work as a chemistry teacher... Used to....until i spilled it on a kids foot.... anyways that #$%@ freezes living animals i once froze a frog after we had dissected them that day (2 classes in one) and then we sent them home in jars for their parents to look at

Don't be silly. You can't keep liquid nitrogen in jars. When I was your age, (about 100 years ago) I was an insecure bulls--er too, but trust me, quit trying to be a hero and people will like you a lot more.

ite worx tho

Woot!lets go rob some storage rooms(Storage Place literally 20 feet behind my house)

fake! just like the rest of you f@#ers!

this is stupid. a hammer alone works perfect no need to freeze the lock. also after he hit the lock and it opend it was still ok. then the next screen shows a lock broken into two pieces, so this guy clearly broke the lock AFTER he opened it!

yes this is fake,Dust-Off (and other similar compounds) are either compressed gas or a low-boiling alcohol. When this material expands in volume, it has less heat than its surroundings. This is why it is cold.

If you take a cubic foot of air at room temperature and expand it to twice its volume, it will have only half as much heat per unit volume as its surroundings. By the same token, if you have compressed gas at room temperature and it then expands, it will have less heat energy than its surroundings.

For a liquid that boils away, this works even more effectively. That is the basis of evaporative cooling. When you step out of a hot shower and get cold right away, it is because the hottest water evaporated away first, leaving the coldest water behind.

moanerlisa you don't have to lie, I know this for a fact otherwise I would not posses a degree from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

WTF that was fuc*en gay

It's amazing how much debate can come from such a stupid topic. lol. BTW, to put everyone in the right; It does work, but not on all locks. The lock must be made from a metal that is more susceptible to freezing. A master lock would have had to be much colder than -64°C. So, all of you are right but a few are still wrong.

It'd be cheaper and easier to just pick the lock. Locks like that are easy to pick.

God damnit, yes it does work, and it specifically works with compressed air used to clean out pc keyboards and #$%@ of that nature. And yes, turning it upside down is the important part of it all, as it allows the liquid to spray much much colder than normal. And yes, it will break your lock.

and yes, I've done it when my storage unit got locked out.

what if you sprayed that stuff into the latch of a bolt-lock, and then took a flat-head
screwdriver, and put it right up to the latch and hit it a couple times with a hammer so it breaks the latch and you can open the door? Interesting!

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