How To: Escape from plastic zip tie type police handcuffs

Escape from plastic zip tie type police handcuffs

There are plenty of tricks for escaping from traditional police cuffs out there, but what about those plastic zip tie type ones? The plastic they use to make these cuffs is so thick that you can't possible cut it.

If you are a magician looking to impress an audience, check out this tutorial. In this clip, learn all the secrets to this complicated trick and shock even the saviest of cops.

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That's the exact way to open non-reuse zip ties if you want to reuse them. First, no police would ever tie it so loosely to that you can move around to reach the center part. Second, police is trained to tie your hand behind your back and the opening would be facing little finger side instead of the thumb side, make it almost impossible to precisely controlling a pin to slide into position.

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