How To: Con a free meal from the drive-thru at McDonald's

Con a free meal from the drive-thru at McDonald's

Want a free meal at McDonald's restaurant? Forget those money-saving (supposedly) weekly coupons, that's nothing compared to an actual free meal. Coupons won't get you that. But this method of free food, perfect for the freegan or the poor (or maybe just the rude). This would technically be qualified as a prank or con, but hey, you got to eat, right?

The con is basically this: Go through the McDonalds drive-thru and do NOT order. Go up to the first drive-thru window and tell the cashier that you didn't order, that you changed your mind and are just trying to make your way through the line. For the most part, they'll fall for it. What are they going to do, 'make' you order something?

Okay, so you made it past the first window. Now you must wait for the person behind you to order. When you make it to the second window, hopefully the meals for the person behind you will be ready. Then you just act like that person, grab the food and go before someone jots down your license plate. Best during busy times, so as not to get caught because of the already confused employees. They'll never know what hit 'em!

Free food never tasted so good. Especially the burgers.

PS: This video is spoken in French, but has English subtitles.

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First, it's plain theft. Second, the drive thru takes your picture when you order, the same pic is relayed to the person handing you your food.

Third, you'll be the only person in a week that has 'mistakenly' driven through, so you'll be super memorable.

Apart from that, it's a pretty neat scam.

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