How To: Cheat on a final exam

Cheat on a final exam

How to cheat on a final exam using several methods - the calculator method, "the sweet toot," the drink bottle method, and the iPod method.

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Dear Viewers,I see no sense in the bad picture quality at the beginning of the video and no reason why you should cheat on a test rather than prepare and study for it and take no other risks. (as plainly pointed out)Although you should not attempt this HowTo, it was fairly enjoyable even though it has been pointed out on several other videos.Overall,an okay video.
Alex1inferno- The Critic



gay dumb stupid

gay dumb stupid #$%@!+*

cheating using a gum*$^ù^* #$%@ing retarded!!!

in the description it says the sweet toot. lol

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