How To: Ace your test by cheating

Ace your test by cheating

Follow this video for some tips on how to cheat in exams and tests. You can have a calculator that stores information and notes in it. Such calculators such as the TI83 and 84 plus calculators have a feature where you set up a new program. Type in your notes in this program you created. When you need to read through these notes during an exam, you just have to access that particular program. Another method is to store in mp3 players by recording your voice while reading out the notes, or else save them in picture format. If you cannot listen to it during the exam you can easily cheat by holding the headphone in one hand and rest your ear onto it. Another option is to store your notes in a pencil. Simply write the notes on a very small piece of paper and hide it inside a mechanical pencil and under the palm of your hand. Another innovative tip is to insert a paper with notes underneath the paper strip that is attached to any water bottle. You could also leave the room if allowed to visit the restroom and during that time take a look at notes you can store in your clothes.

Ace your test by cheating

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