How To: Siphon gas from a newer vehicles tank

Siphon gas from a newer vehicles tank

This how-to video shows a simple setup to drain the tank from a 1998 Beetle without taking out the fuel pump. Do it to any car that has a siphon block.

"DISCLAIMER": No one takes any responsibility for any actions, fire, damage, theft, and or any other causes that may arise by performing this act...

Remember Safety First! Watch this video tutorial and learn how to siphon gas from a car's gas tank.

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Awesome, so I'm guessing the old sucking on the hose until it starts coming out routine doesn't work anymore huh?

Nice one #$%@ers. Thanks for showing stupid/poor people how to take what others EARN. Hey, we all pay the same amount for gas. If their welfare check can't handle it, #$%@ 'em. I paid for that too. I hope someone does what I would and will do: shoot to kill. It's the same as looting. I genuinely hope someone sees this, attempts to steal gas, and is killed for it. ...Keep this video up then!

hey. dick. ever occur to you that some people might need this information in order to FIX THEIR OWN FUCKING CAR? stop preachin so high and mighty and actually THINK. you know, WITH YOUR BRAIN, rationally

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