How To: Always win in napkin chess

Always win in napkin chess

This week: a rigged game of skill & a simple sucker bet! Check out this video if you want to learn how to beat anyone in a simple game that can be played anywhere with coins and a napkin. Some might call it magic, others call it skill.

From Revision3:
First off, our main event: it seems like everyone makes up goofy little games to pass the time at the bar. This week we've got one with a secret method that will guarantee you the win:

The Setup: lay out a bunch of pocket change (and I mean a LOT of it... quarters, dimes, nickels, etc.) and a small cocktail napkin.

The Rules: take turns laying down coins on the napkin. You can place any size coin you want, anywhere on the napkin, as long as nothing goes over the edge or touches another coin. The LOSER is the one who can't find a proper place to set their coin (... and no balancing coins on their edges!)

The Scam: play a few games. Win some. Lose some. Once you're playing for money (or beer), move in for the kill: start by placing one coin in the middle of the napkin. After that, place your coins in an *exact mirror image* of your opponents' moves. As long as you copy their every move, there's no possible outcome except for the napkin getting perfectly filled on your turn!

*Bonus scam* pull out a penny, and have your friend count the number of letters on the head-side. Odds are good that he'll come up with 19 (20 if you count the "d" that may or may not appear under the date). In fact, there are actually 22 or 23 letters, since clearly visible (albeit VERY small), are the letters "VDB" on lincoln's bust (these are the initials of the engraver)!

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