Forum Thread: I Need to Hack a Facebook Account

I need to hire a professional hacker that can hack a Facebook account without the owner of the account noticing! is it possible ? it is urgent ! I need help please

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Possible, yes, realistically worth it? Not a chance. For what you want, way out of your price range. On an enterprise level these things run into the thousands just for the vuln scans/reports.

If you even understood the basics (even knowing what kali linux is for a start would be good at this point im thinking.)

Hackers for hire steal or target mostly high profile targets or something for a reason and these days good ones are in the malware market. A keylogger on a usb stick is a bit caveman in comparison.

(and ignore the simple looking sites that state they can hack fb, another con ;) )

Anymore and ill have explained everything, go learn and enjoy learning instead of being the classic "script kiddie" everyone knows today.


Edit: This is assuming niffnaff/firesheep etc etc a few years ago have all been fully fixed now.

Check the Null Byte world, and you're off from there. Start with Linux Basics for the Aspiring Hacker.

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