How To: Steal a watch off a wrist with Scam School

Steal a watch off a wrist with Scam School

Bryan Brushwood from scam school and guest magician Dan Martin show you how to steal a watch.

Have you always wondered how that steal a watch trick worked?
Great instruction on how to steal a watch from scam school and a Dan Martin but don't keep the watch that would be stealing!

First is the distraction, keep them focused on anything other than your hands.

Second remove the band with your thumb and pull back the clasp while keeping a firm hold on the wrist.

Third firmly squeeze the hand, release the band with your thumb, pull up and take the watch off the wrist.

Make sure to do this while keeping them distracted on the trick, then say watch watch and then watch one last time while revealing their watch. They will love it.

Follow instructions and practice and you will be a watch scammer in no time!

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