How To: Spot counterfeit toonies (the two-dollar Canadian coin)

Spot counterfeit toonies (the two-dollar Canadian coin)

Most of us are well familiar with toons, after sitting in front of the boob tube most of our childhood life, watching cartoons like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and even The Simpsons. But for Canadians, as of 1996, "toon" means something entirely different.

Actually, it's shortened slang for "toonie" (also sometimes called twoonie) which is the current Canadian 2-dollar coin, introduced in 1996. It's a bi-metallic coin bearing the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and an image of a polar bear on the reverse. Since its production, over 675 million two-dollar coins have entered circulation. And like many currencies, the toonies has been subject to counterfeit coins.

This video attempts to tell the difference between a fake and legit Canadian toonie coin. There could be a difference in weight, details, color and even sound. After watching this, hopefully you'll be able to spot a fake toonie.

Also, the Royal Canadian Mint has information about fakes on their visual guide, which shows the many faces of two-dollar circulation coins.

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