How To: Open a master lock with a beer can

Open a master lock with a beer can

In this how-to video you will learn to open a master lock with a soda/beer can or an empty gift card. This can prove to be helpful, so you can prank your friends, or just steal something. Not to endorse stealing, this instructional video is for informational purposes only.

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Could you please explain better what you are doing with the beer can lock pick or the credit card lock pick to the lock? I understood how you made the pick, but not necessarily the motions you employed to pick the lock. Thanks!

he's sliding the last number of the combination in to place, watch his thumb each time....

dude your such a #$%@ this is like totaly fake

FAke please he left it @ the last numba like the otha dude said

he what kind of a faker.....................

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