Jesus Miracles Explained: This DIY Transmogrifier Lets You Turn Water into Wine

This DIY Transmogrifier Lets You Turn Water into Wine

For many years, scientists have wondered about the miracles that Jesus performed. What they didn't know, however, was that he was a master of all bar and prop tricks. Walking on water, feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, and that whole coming back from the dead thing, just to name a few.

While these tricks have yet to be fully explained (except maybe walking on water), you can finally mimic the "water into wine" feat with sweet, sweet science, courtesy of Jason Poel Smith at MAKE. And if it turns out to be crappy wine, you can always use this process for making it taste better.

What You'll Need for This Trick

How to Make the Magic Happen

  1. Cut the top off a 2-liter soda bottle as evenly as possible, then remove the plastic ring from the mouth of the bottle.
  1. Take the bottle cap off the 2-liter bottle and drill one hole into it. Take the other bottle caps and drill two holes each of those. Make sure the drill bit used is the same diameter as your tubing.
  1. Attach one of the 6-inch tubes to the 2 liter bottle cap, then attach one of the other bottle caps to the other end of the tube. Take the another 6-inch tube and connect it between the second bottle cap and the third. Take the 18-inch tube and attach it to the last hole in the last bottle cap.
  1. Trace the outline of the funnel to the top of the cardboard box, then cut the hole. Insert the funnel into the hole and attach it's bottle cap on the inside of the box.
  1. Screw in an empty soda bottle to the second cap, and a soda bottle filled with wine to the last cap. Be sure that the 18-inch tubing touches the bottom of the bottle containing your wine.
  1. Cut a hole in the box for the 18-inch tube that is higher than the bottle of wine, then feed the tube through.
  1. Tape the box up so that the bottles are hidden. Add water to the funnel up top that will push air through the bottles, allowing the wine to come out like magic! Make sure you have a wine glass at the ready for when it comes pouring out.

This trick requires a bit of work, and uses air pressure to works its magic, but it's sure to amaze your more gullible friends. Then again, who isn't amazed when alcohol is involved.

For added effect, be sure you play Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" while you perform this trick.

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I know a lot of people might not really care, but that opening paragraph was crude and a bit insensitive...I get it that there's a whole world of people out there that don't believe in Jesus and maybe this author was just jesting, but that was rough.

I completely agree with Ryan - random rants full of insults and accusations will not make your article any better nor is this in a shape or form fair and square to your readers - it's simply unprofessional - especially considering that your "DIY solution" doesn't even turn water into Wine.


Normally, I love this website (to be honest, before reading this, I considered one of my top 3 sites I visit on an almost daily basis) & most articles but in regards to this one, reading Alyssa Woodard call Jesus, the son of God, my Saviour (yes I'm a Christian) a conartist & prankster is extremely offensive & disrespectful! If this is how this site is going to treat my personal beliefs I will not be returning. Disrespecing someone who is held by myself & millions of others in such high regards is extremely unprofessional (to say the least). If you don't believe in Jesus or are an atheist, then that's your PERSONAL beliefs & there's no need to disrespect others personal beliefs. This article could have been written without those comments being made!?

Hey bud!

I'm sorry for the miscommunication. I wrote this article as a light and fun How- to and in no way meant to hurt anyones feelings.

Sometimes the articles get edited because our grammar sucks, or the editors think of something funnier, which I am super thankful for, because sometimes they make me look funnier or smarter than I actually am. I actually had no idea that was written and no one at Wonderhowto would ever want you to think we were making fun of something that is really serious in your life such as religion! We love everyone!

I will admit I did make some of the jokes, But I too am a Christian. I live in LA and those two things together tend to give you a sense of humor over your own beliefs. I tried to be conscience of being funny without being offensive, but it's the internet, you're bound to find over zealous people. Which is not a bad thing! People thinking differently are really cool in my book!

We edited it because we don't want to offend anyone or lose anyone. We want to keep you as a reader and possibly cuddle with you one day if you're up for it. We're currently working on the technology to reach out and cuddle through the computer screen as we speak. We will keep you updated once we've figured it out! ;P

Yes. This is nonsense and offensive.

Alyssa, thank you for your reply and your edit. I live about an hour from LA so I know exactly what you mean. Fighting the daily fight can sometimes be hard. From the many things the wonderful world of smart phones have brought us one thing I love is the apps & app stores. A website called created an awesome app (for Android & iOS) that not only allows you to have the full and entire Bible on your phone but also all or most popular translations and, even go so far as to have it read to you. Having this has been very helpful to me in my daily life/struggle. With that said, I'll keep you in my prayers my sister in Christ & will remain a loyal fan of Oh & I'll take cuddling any day of the week! ;-)

Once again thank you & God bless,

I too was extremely offended by the wording of the article, and didnt find any of the sarcasm that was supposed to be in it. After reading both posts, i am still slightly agitated by it to the point of not wanting to return to the website. Reason for that is it gives people who do not understand faith, another reason to bash / doubt that exact faith that they do not takes a great deal to offend me when it comes to this type of topic (i think wierd al's "Amish paridise" is absolutly histarical and i have family and friends that are Amish)..

This is a proof that people will go to any extent to make money. Period.

Beginning of the article was in poor taste. But I love the writers rebuttal.

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